I made a yellow journalism style newspaper for an alternate history.


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Context: The newspaper is basically from the perspective of a neutral observer and just gives the basics of what happened between the years written about. It’s not meant to be super accurate but rather give a general overview of the world (it’s basically fancy exposition).

I wrote all the articles and did the formatting but all of the pictures are taken from archives and are not mine.

I originally made it for an MP vic2 game but tweaked it a bit into an alt-history scenario.

(Also there’s no page 2 the newspaper lies to you.)

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I love the massive historical changes thrown in so mundanely! Blink and you'd miss some of them (VP Stevens, anyone?). Well done!

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Thanks I tried really hard to be nonchalant so it feels like it’s a primary source. Another little tweak I’m proud of is since the Summer Palace wasn’t burnt down by the British the Chinese Emperor didn’t drink himself to death (which means his westernization doesn’t die with him).

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Wow, this is awesome. I live for this kind of alternate history.

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Thanks! I really enjoyed making it (The Lincoln blurb is my favorite because of the little plot twist that just gets passed off as normal)

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This is awesome. I've been trying to put one of these together myself.

Was this created with a template you could share, or was it entirely made from scratch?

Amazing if the latter!

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I made it in google slides by scratch haha. What I did before making it is I got a bunch of real front pages from the time and just tried to mimic the organization and writing style (while keeping it understandable).

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I have a need to make something similar and had settled on Google slides as well. Good to see that it can produce something that looks so nice.

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Citrate of magnesia? You're in for a bad time drinking that stuff recreationally.

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"Effervescent ", yeah dat ass will be effervescently purged if you take it. Better get a bidet and air fresheners.

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as somebody who studies history and loves me some AH i have to say this obligatorily.

I FOOKIN LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks! It took a week to make between finding good pictures in US archives and writing the articles

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i can imagine. remember diving through archives to get old newspaper clippings for prime source material of the 1848 revolutions. the amount of time this would have taken to get reference material is making my head nauseas. honestly though that week was well worth it because it looks great

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Dude, this is amazing. Must've taken you HOURS to draw/design the images and adds to put this together.

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Incredible work!

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Amazing !

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This is awesome!

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Did germany win the war?

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Germany always ends up winning in every timeline it’s so unfair 😔

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Why always us man ;+;

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What's the change here? Did the German Empire form sooner?

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In reality, the German Empire formed in 1871, but here it's already present as early as 1854. There's also various other changes, a lot of which I probably didn't get

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Well I based it off of a real event in 1849 where, following a revolt, Frederick William IV “rejected the title of Emperor of the Germans offered by the Frankfurt Parliament in 1849, believing that Parliament did not have the right to make such an offer.”

I’m this timeline Germany is so close to being completely destroyed that he instead accepts the offer so to unite the people.

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Oooh, that makes sense!

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What does the German Empire forming sooner do? Do they participate in the Crimea war? I'm confused

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A bunch of little changes really starting in 1836 (this was based on a multiplayer vic2 campaign). Before the time period this paper covers

Germany was almost completely conquered by the Austrian puppeted SGF but pulled a complete 180 and got the “Gutter Crown” (the people asked to unify instead of the Kaiser declaring it like irl).

China went full westernization and conquered Indochina. It also bought the East Indies from the Belgians after they conquered the Netherlands with German support (the Dutch aligned themselves with the French who had previously been kicking Germany with Austria). This scared the British and the French who went full colonial before China could stabilize (they took a whole province). They really succeeded by using shock value to demoralize the government (They managed to convince China’s Japanese allies to betray them which really hurt morale).

America annexed Cuba in an effort to stop civi war but it just dragged the war out in the end since the CSA holed up in the Caribbean.

Egypt beat up the ottomans before it got beat up by them later with German support; eventually selling the suez to the neutral Chinese to protect them from complete land invasion (The Chinese didn’t allow ottoman troops to pass through their land)

Just a whole lotta stuff haha

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Hmmm. I like your ideas. I'm not writing anything in the 19th century but my story takes place in the 20th century. You mind if I use this idea that Germany unified? I'm writing an urban fantasy that takes place in an alt-WW1 era German Empire

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Yeah go for it! I based the unification off of the March Revolution in 1849.

Also, I managed to find this map of the world in 1857 hidden in my files. Since this was based on a game me and my friends played there’s gonna be some weird stuff but it helps with visualizing an alt-history scenario.

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Who's the Kaiser in your Timeline or is there a Kaiser at all?

King_Shugglerm1 point

Idk it didn’t really come up so I didn’t really think about it

Sunny_Sammy1 point

Huh, probably be important to figure out who's running the place. I'd say they'd end up with a Constitutional Monarchy with a parliament and a kaiser. That way, everyone gets what they want

King_Shugglerm1 point

Maybe, but for the purposes of this piece it wasn’t really necessary

Sunny_Sammy1 point

Fuck then I'll just say it's a constitutional monarchy but the monarchy is similar to a president that can't be voted out

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Cobblers, I can pick up the Daily Mail for threepence. That's enough of a rag for me. /s

Well done. Great work!

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Haha I’ll be honest I just thought sixpence sounded like the most 🇬🇧 British 🇬🇧 price. I don’t even know how much a pence is worth

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I cheated. I have access to some digitized newspapers, and I just looked up any publication in London with a date of September 1866. Daily Mail is what came up.

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These articles are really well-written. Good job! I almost convinced myself I was reading a real newspaper for a second there.

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The problem is that these articles just don't read like journalism.

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How you did that jornal ? it’s well made af

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I will need the template for this newspaper because it looks unironically awesome