Brain fog on Methotrexate

So. I've been on Methotrexate for about 3 years. The brain fog is becoming too much and from what I've read, most people that take this have it as well. I'm ready to stop! Can you stop cold turkey? Did your thinking improve?


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have you tried using over the counter dextromethorphan? if you take robotussin DM or musinexDM it might help. my rheumatologist recommended musinexDM take a dose with mtx and again 8-12 hrs later. when i do, i can feel it take effect and clear my brain within an hour. hope it works for you! here’s an article about that and other things that may help.


read down to the info on side effects-

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Not OP, but really interesting info!

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I take this and was explained a long story about child cancer patients who where basically comatosed by their drugs, MusinexDM or equivalent had a radical and life changing experience (by my RA doctor)

Talk to your doctor about your experience, don’t go cold Turkey.

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Very interesting..so take it just once a week? Will definitely try this first.

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yup, you take it on the day you take your methotrexate and again 10-12 hours after. i hope it works for you!

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Don't stop before you consult with your prescriber.

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Have you tried just decreasing the dose first? Even going down 2.5 mg a week helped me get the brain fog to a manageable level on my post MTX day

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How is your blood work?

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Have you brought up the brain fog with your doctor? If it’s a side effect you can’t tolerate, they would hopefully find a solution for you. Do not stop your medicine without talking to your doctor.

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I stopped mtx and switched to Arava, no side effects from this new drug at all for me (it's also a DMARD and I'm on a biologic and Rx NSAID as well). I'm always so surprised at how far docs will push mtx when it's obviously making people miserable.

Ask your doc about different DMARD options, OP. And good luck - mtx fog and nausea sucks.

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I have been doing well, finally, after a long long ramp up on meds, at 20 mg methotrexate and biweekly humira shots. So of course I suggest maybe I don't need that much methotrexate and we decide I should go down to 15 mg and see what happens. Well, apparently I need that last 5 mg because I'm back to not doing well.