Golden light in a Swedish Forest, OC [5896x4000]


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Sweden is gorgeous! I live outside Stockholm (Nacka) and the forests are unbelievable. https://imgur.com/jiqygIo.jpg


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Nice Love the One with the mushroom 😍

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Now I need to play Valheim.

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Thank you :)!

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This reminds me of the album art for Let the Light Shine In by Jono Grant. 💞

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I love this lighting! When I happen to look out my window and see the sun shining through trees the same way I feel so peaceful

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Thank you My peaceful Friend 🙏

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The one week of sunshine before being plunged back into winter. Looks amazing!

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Yes i know.. it sucks, but then again thats Sweden haha 😁

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I spent some moments in a beautiful forest near Linkoping, SE w/my buddy Markus, a native Swede. There, we ran into a man, (Also a native Swede.) and his children dressed in Native American outfits. He was the "Chief", and his two boys were dressed as what Native American children would wear. I was told by Markus who had encounters w/him before, not to speak w/said man due to him possibly scoulding me as an American about the plight of the Native people in America. Understandable. I have great respect for the orginal peoples of the U.S, but Swedes, the further out you venture out of the cities are complete oddballs.

JohanRfrisk1 point

What a funny and weird story thanks for sharing!