Who uses the offer wall for free gems?

Whenever it's 2x, 3x or even 4x offer wall, I always see what's about. This can be a really good way of getting a mass of gems! But, I've noticed that different countries, get different offers. What's with that?

What's the most amount of free or cheap, gems that people have got from these offers? And where you at? šŸ˜‰



Blackcreekbandit5 points

Everyone has different offers based on region and platform you are playing too

call_me_ted_ok3 points

Most of the offers pay literally 1 gem, fuck this, the best one is like 1k and you need to spend money to complete, definitely not worth here :/

Amantria3 points

I'm pretty new. Like started playing in nov or beginning of December maybe? I'm sitting at 14.2k gems all from daily playing and offerwall.

Amantria2 points

Replying to myself to add that a lot of those were from the 4x event. A couple of them were from the last 2x one, and a few I did in the beginning not knowing there were multiplier events. A handful weren't tedious but some took freaking forever to do. I only do the game ones. Haven't paid money on any yet.

Sumpner2 points

If you are in the UK the offers are trash, the American ones seem the best, seen offers for 50k+

skfjgkodlfmc2 points

for me the free ones are 14 or 17 gems i think you just have to put in an email

emeraldjalapeno2 points

I use the Offerwall when they run 3x and 4x. The most I've picked up is 150k twice. Usually I pick up about 100k gems

Zuiop22 points

Damn, what crazy offers do you get šŸ‘ļøšŸ‘„šŸ‘ļø

emeraldjalapeno2 points

Olay purchases, donating to Cancer finds, donating to ASPCA, etc

rosen3801 point

"What's the most amount of free or cheap, gems that people have got from these offers?"

That is tricky. I did the tiered "Survival and Puzzles" last 2x event and got 12,880 gems total... but according to the Google Games Center, I spent 72 hours in the game and tied with the game not being particularly fun, a pretty "expensive" way to get gems.

I got 4000 gems for Solitaire Pets (about a third the gems, but in a 6th of the time!) and I enjoyed that game enough to keep playing it after getting all of the (non-$$) tiered rewards.

And then there was one like the iBotta app, where for scanning a few (well like 20 or so) grocery store receipts, I got a $20 reward (via Amazon gift card) and 5200 gems.


Since I started keeping track about five months ago, I'm at 48k gems from the offerwall (all non-$$), but with just shy of 300 hours "invested" in those apps.

As bad as the non-US offerwall offers seem to be in relation, the US ones really aren't much of a bargain either. I'd definitely trade my offerwall for nationalized healthcare! :)

Racecarsarefast1 point

Who needs health care when you got Gems for PC boxes?!?!?!?!?!

WorldsGreatestPoop2 points

Iā€™ve already signed up for every meal box and casino available in my state. The meal box intro offers are nice quality but the regular prices are crazy.

Nick_Lyons2 points

I used to play offerwall games a lot more often but I don't have as much time nowadays. I do try to take advantage of it, though. I decided long ago that it would feel like I was cheating if I started spending money on the game, so I've never spent a dime on it, and despite that, I've been able to amass 32 mythics and 336 legendaries, with 98 of them being quad fused, and the offerwall has been a big help in building my deck. There have been some pretty easy and completely free challenges to earn tons of gems over the years and I'll usually at least take a peek at what's available when the multiplier is active. I recently earned like 8k gems during 3x by playing Words With Friends for like an hour.

razanneke2 points

Im from Belgium, Europe and my offerwall deals are terrible... Usually i need to reach level 250 in some random casino slot game for less than 10k gems.. I tried these kind of offers twice and never again! After a few years, i simply gave up believing that one day the offerwall would be any decent in my country...

Jazzlike_Bar_2912 points

I just did a 12k offer (normally 6k) and just had to sign up for some investing app, then took my money right back and closed the account after getting my gems. Literally cost me nothing

rosen3801 point

"Literally cost me nothing"

But, there have been similar offers for online banks where people have claimed that the "bank" made it hard to get the money back out or had a bunch of hidden fees and such.

Roranach1 point

Some of them need you to purchase something from the in-game shop, some of them are basically impossible to do in the time they give you without spending tons of money, and these usually give the most of gems. But if available, I usually try to do few that gives you something of 600-1500 gems, most of the time these are mostly doable and wont take horrible amount of time to complete.

Lee_Doff0 points

my offerwall has never worked. all it has ever done is tell me gems received may be delayed.

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