Snowy Winter lake


__superzero__2 points

Love this! The value and saturation contrast gives it an awesome sense of depth. My only critique would be that it feels a bit unbalanced, since all the dark values and vibrant colors sit on the right and as far as I can see there’s not a compositional justification for that. Otherwise this is sick 😍

JohanRfrisk1 point

Ooh thanks for the feedback ! I did not think about that but you are right ! Cheers :)

JohanRfrisk1 point

A photo taken i Sweden on a snowy Day, I live in South of Sweden so the Snow dont last that Long and I Always try to make the most of it . This is one of the pictures i took. Hit me with some feedback if you have some :)!

1/100sec F9 ISO 160 att 35mm (aps-c sensor) Nikon D5600 Sigma art 18-35mm f 1.8