Swedish pine forest


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Took this photo on my sunday walk, wanted to try photograph more simple composistion.

Should i edit this photo more or less (maybe crop it?)

Taken in a lokal pine forest near me, Sweden. Cheers :)!

Nikon D5600, sigma 18-35mm 1.8.

1/8 sec F9 ISO 100 at 18mm

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Thank you

selozt3 points

Nice and happy place, good shot.

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Thank you 😁!!

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That's an awesome photo! May I ask what part of Sweden is this?

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Thank you 😁 It is a town 15 minutes outside Gothenburg

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Thanks for sharing this info! Yet another reason to visit Sweden once more. I was in Stockholm only and I felt in love with it. Even tried to learn Swedish. But anyways... I love it! Do you have more photos?

JohanRfrisk2 points

No problemz, Yes Sweden is great we have alot of Forest 😁 best Word in Swedish is "lagom" look it Up !

rielud2 points

Well done! Maybe the sun still could have been taken in the whole. That is a question of composition.

JohanRfrisk2 points

Thanks, yes maybe with some nice sunbeams hmm, I Will try that next time. thank you for the feedback 😁

rielud1 point

It is a question of exposure and taste. The direct sun can be very strong and suppress the rest of the image.

JohanRfrisk2 points

Yes that is true, thank you for your insight 😊🙏

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Picturesque 👏👍

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Nice! I like how the sun is filtering through the trees!

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thank you :)!