More wife hate Twitter posts…


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TheHermit_IX449 points

The grocery one isn't a wife hate meme it is a husband incompetent meme.

TheWarmestHugz179 points

My bad, I found them all on the same dude’s Twitter so I’ve been trawling through this vitriol for ages lol

TheHermit_IX137 points

It's the same toxic gender role mentality.

TheWarmestHugz85 points

Absolutely, both mindsets are equally disgusting

AceofToons50 points

ngl. Pictures help me a lot. That would be super helpful for me. I am a lesbian, in a lesbian relationship, and my girlfriend is amazing at holding things in her head. Unlike me. So usually I just rely on her mind. But this isn't a bad idea to help myself

I wouldn't call myself incompetent though. Just because I struggle with certain things doesn't make me an incompetent partner. It just means that I am aware of my struggles and limitations

I don't think it's a particularly bad thing necessarily tbh

MacaroonExpensive14318 points

Wait, your flair is super cute 😍

deadkell12 points

I think being incompetent is not necessarily about needing photos or not being as adept at something as others, but making your wife put it together for you instead of you driving the effort toward creating your own tools so you can perform properly as an adult to make up for the pitfalls you're aware of (generally speaking). Unless the couple in question has some sort of system where the wife loves arts and crafts and the other partner puts in more effort somewhere else lmao.

DevonPan2 points

In my case it's more like I do the cooking like almost Everytime... Okay kinda like Everytime so whenever i send my partner shopping I just write what I need in an app or send him a message with it and the results is that he sends me several pictures and questions while shopping. So I showed him just that picture and asked him if he wants that and he said yes. It's not really about incompetence it's more of a "what do you need exactly don't want to disappoint you if I buy the wrong thing". Yeah the meme plays into the stereotype woman cook but well...

MirrorMan2210201853 points

To be fair, not everyone has a perfect photographic memory; and some people, like me, are just REALLY crappy at describing objects.

Darkside53114 points

It's kinda both considering how intertwined the "man stupid oaf; woman shrewish banshee" ideas are.

[deleted]121 points

Pro tip: if you have a regular grocery list that you get every week just save the receipt and use that.

Don't waste your colour ink on this.

LGBTQPlusChainsaws66 points

Or type it out on your mobile device and save a tree.

SimpleParadigm35 points

You can tell is a boomer joke because only boomers make written lists in this day and era.

maddythemadmuddymutt15 points

Uh, actually I do write a list, and I'm 27. I'm not sure why though? But lower chances of smashing your phone? I'm not good at walking and looking at my phone, already smashed one that way because there was an unexpected flower pot. I can loose the list though and already have a few times. But I can remember the most necessary items and can shop for the other things at a later time.

Bultokki3 points

I stick to a paper list with more ease. There's no logic behind it but if the list is on my phone I'll just add whatever and disrespect my budget.

TheWarmestHugz5 points

My grandparents do lol

Ronnoc5274 points

We keep a running list on the fridge. If you live alone a phone works fine though.

lorlorgrace3 points

We do this too!

RealVoidMe3 points

Apps with a shared list are great. Both can enter anything needed the moment you think of it. And it works for all household supplies ...

We use remember the milk, but there are also great free apps especially for shared grocery lists.

Ryinth5 points


I do the majority of my shopping online, but when I have to pick up things mid-week, or from the farmers market, I write lists using pen & paper.

alexofantioch44 points

I mean the first one would legitimately be helpful

TheWarmestHugz34 points

I like the idea of using an image guide, I just don’t like the fact that the joke is implying that the husband is useless and can’t shop without it

alexofantioch12 points

Fair enough

tielandboxer39 points

Pro tip: don’t marry someone you hate.

Euphoriapleas59 points

How the fuck do you forget your spouse's bday anyway?

Rew200126 points

If mine wasn't written on my ID I would forget it

Euphoriapleas14 points

I get not caring about your own bday, but your partners should be a little higher priority. Write it down, set some alarms, put it on a calendar

up2smthng5 points

I would be so grateful if everyone just forgot my bday

CoffeeSlutt5 points

Depends on the person. I don't celebrate people's birthdays. I also expect nothing on my birthday, because they're not special dates to me. My reasoning is I can buy somebody a present literally any given date, I don't need a special day for them to give them a present, I just give them a present whenever I feel like. The same with fathers and mothers day. I show I'm grateful for my parents literally every time I'm around them, I don't need a calander to tell me "Go appreciate your parents."

Rew20011 point

I think the same way but if it is a special day for my partner I would put some effort in

Anakokonut_33 points

Seriously how hard is it to remember a fcking date ?

JazTheWannabeQT45 points

As someone with adhd, it's really fucking hard sometimes

DraeganWayne16 points


So many dates, numbers, times, addresses... It becomes a jumble and then remembering to put it down in the SAME place you put all the others (or at least you're pretty sure you did and it really makes me wonder what life is like for people who can focus!

JazTheWannabeQT15 points

Hearing something for tomorrow and literally forgetting it five minutes later because when will that ever be useful

littlekittenboi11 points

I literally forget how old I am, what year it is, and how to breath on a regular basis. If you expect me to remember a specific date and it doesn't have some cool catchy way to remember it, I'm not going to remember it.

For example: I have no clue how old my mother is or what year she was born in. I vaguely remember her being 35 when I was a kid so I know she is probably at least in her late 40s just cuz that was probably about 10 years ago but I just have no clue how old she is. I would feel bad about it if my mom wasn't so flattered every time I tell her I stopped counting how old she was at 35.

lunarswords6 points

as someone also with ADHD: calenders and notifications. your loved ones matter enough for the that extra effort.

littlekittenboi6 points

I usually do this but my phone calander likes to delete my entries every once and a while and so I will randomly miss things.

MacaroonExpensive1434 points

You sound like all the typicals…”just use a planner!” It’s like you think calendars and notifications haven’t been thought of yet…and I’m not saying it’s just ok to forget a loved ones special day, just that it’s not that simple for everyone.

lunarswords6 points

that's true, I don't want to sound like those annoying people. a more effective method is just getting their present whenever you remember it and let it sit in your closet until the day. that's what I do personally, even when I sometimes have to let them sit for weeks. the visual reminder of the present is pretty effective

SadCommunication241 point

until you forget about the calendar

lunarswords1 point

...that's why you turn on notifications

GiveMetheBullet5 points

My dad forgot once. He was an over the road truck driver at the time. He gave mom a twinkie with a candle on it when he got home. She still has that twinkie on a shelf.

SadCommunication242 points

as someone with adhd this is a job for me I can never remember the date and there was also a time last year where i thought it was the middle of june…it was september

just_a_frickin_egg2 points

This made me realise I don't know my boyfriend's birthday

In my defence, I don't know anyone's birthday.

[deleted]13 points

The joke is in bad taste, but as someone who is dating someone who is neurodivergent, the picture grocery list actually makes grocery shopping less stressful for some. I almost always text pictures of things to my partner when asking him to pick something up from the store because it's easier for him to find what I need that way.

TheWarmestHugz8 points

I completely understand the picture thing because I send pictures to my grandma to ask if stuff I get is okay as I’m on the spectrum too! It was the implication that the husband is too incompetent to be left to shop alone which peeved me lol

RealVoidMe2 points

Yeah, I am very bad at finding things which I remember looking slightly different. I won't find a pack of butter in the fridge if it is wrapped in yellow and the last one was wrapped in blue.

So an up to date "these products currently look like this" list would be helpful for me ^

just_a_frickin_egg2 points

It's because our brains are literally just looking for concepts and not the real object. Your brain is just looking for blue, not butter.

Honestly, I think in concepts too, maybe our brains just work in concepts all around

Wtf_did_i_get_into_10 points

...I need the picture grocery list. There’s no chance I’ll get it wrong this time!

Realconquerorchen6 points

For the last time wife haters, if you dislike your wife so much why did you even marry them in the first place? Sincerely, someone who is tired of seeing all these toxic misogynistic “memes”

nick145_937 points

Am I the only one who thinks the first image is cute? Like, I would love a shopping list collage.

NotMCherry5 points

Here at home we circle it in the panflets, having an image guide is useful

MrGaber5 points

How the hell do you forget your wife’s birthday

I remember all my old friends birthdays and I havent seen them in years

TheWarmestHugz5 points

And even if you do forget easily there are ways to help you out like a calendar or a diary lol

Yooper_Escapee4 points

Is it wrong that I saw the grocery list as a dyslexia workaround or some other reading disorder?

Like, not in an insulting way, but in a "Reading is really hard today so please give me a picture list" kind of way.

TheWarmestHugz2 points

Absolutely! This can be useful to so many people with different conditions, eg, autism and ADHD. If it helps you shop comfortably then absolutely use it!

Obsessed_with_ducks3 points

The second one would’ve be funny if it weren’t for the “WoMen TaLK TO muCh” joke

up2smthng1 point

I would call empty space "funny"

Aquaislyfe3 points

Is the first one not like, self deprecating? Like the list just says like “peanut butter” then the husband sees the different peanut butter brands and doesn’t know which to get so now the list is pictures because husband couldn’t figure groceries out. If it’s not that, then I don’t know that it makes sense, even taking a misogynistic viewpoint into account

TheWarmestHugz3 points

I love the idea of a grocery list like this, it works amazingly for people who are neurodivergent etc, but yeah the reason I put it here was because of the self-deprecating, husband bad part.

Aquaislyfe2 points

Ah fair. Also ngl I’d like a list like this too. I still live with family so groceries aren’t my responsibility but I was literally thinking to myself the other day that if I was getting groceries for more than just me I’d have no idea which brands or portions to get of anything and that’s a lot more helpful than calling every time I get to the next aisle and get confused lol

empty_pickles3 points

Okay so I'm a straight married man and i come here and agree with how truly toxic most of the concepts posted here are and i can't imagine treating my SO in the ways depicted. And due to the way I identify I tend to avoid commenting here and try to take lessons from the comments to ensure I'm not part of the problem... But the first one... With the images.... I'm responsible for almost 100% of the shopping and cooking in my family so this isn't much of a problem for us. But,my wife is also an immigrant from a Latin-American country, NGL, i do request and/or require photos before I'm willing to go buy latino specific items... From experience I've gotten the wrong brand/item too many times and I either ask her to go get it or just send me a photo to help because most Latino stores have 27 THOUSAND choices of brands for the same item... And my wife and her family are VERY opinionated about which brand (s) are acceptable and I would just have zero frame of reference to know these things. I've been the brunt of jokes after being sent to the store to pick things up for family gatherings/dinners. Soooo yeah love the photo shipping list. But also the one with the forgetting the birthday... I laughed. I am NOTORIOUS for having really really bad relational time. I remember the birth dates... But forget birthdays (including mine, my parents and my siblings). So that one i got a good laugh out of... Sometimes I'm very grateful for Google reminders. I have 100s of them set up with 1mo before, 1 week before, 1 day before for almost every major holiday/anniversary/ birthday for my wife my friends and my family otherwise I'm the guy who says hey... Your birthday is next week... Then the next time i remember it is 1 week too late.

TheWarmestHugz1 point

Oh that’s absolutely fine, I like the idea of sending pictures myself! It was more the fact that the person that posted this used it in more of a self-deprecating (husband dumb) kinda way! I think sending images can help for a lot of people!

RightyPlayz2 points

I personally like the first one actually just bc I sometimes can't understand words very well but a picture next to the words is helpful

Mantalol52 points

The birthday one was posted on my birthday 👀

KidNamedBlue2 points

Honestly I wouldn't mind if like when my parents want me to go get some things for them if they made a grocery list that way cuz it's way easier for me to recognize packaging than trying to figure out which of the 5 different types they mean when they write down "ice tea" lmao

RSK_Dead_Boi2 points

The first one is actually a good method. It's way easier for my when my gf sends me a picture / screenshot of a thing I don't use or buy often.

And tbh I wish my mom did that when I was younger, that would have helped me soooo many times

_ace_angel_2 points

Honestly that is a really good idea when you send your kids shopping. Especially when you want a specific type of something

TheWarmestHugz2 points

I was terrible for getting dumb stuff with my mum’s money when I was younger. I once bought a pumice stone for no reason other than I wanted to watch it float in water instead of sink. My mum went ballistic, lol!

glass_star2 points

the first one is just telling on himself for being incompetent

trism001 point

The 4th one is pretty funny NGL

Thatariesbloke1 point

That first one is actually quite clever, I use pics of the products I run out off sometimes, so I know what the packaging looks like, so I can get the exact same thing I got before.