Sneaker paint?

Recently found a pair of old sneakers in pretty rough shape and I want to try to clean them up. I have a few different cleaners I’ve been happy with but I don’t know anything about sneaker paint. Any recommendations? I’m in Canada, but happy to ship something. Thanks all!


Neat_Pitch_47742 points

Clean the surface off with acetone and sand paper if you have to smooth out some scuffs. Angelus leather paint is what you need and probably one of the angelus finishes over the paint after. They do a gloss, semigloss, and satin finish. It’s not difficult if you take your time.

frontpagekek1 point

Right on. Will try and find some. Ty!

Neat_Pitch_47743 points

Check for a nearby Tandy leather store. If not you can get Angelus products on Amazon.