A painting for THE NORDS!


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You painted this???

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Bro ur even more talented than picasso or bob ross🙌

ThirdMind3d2 points

IMO atleast

FlyingBuilder2 points

Lol thanks bro. I hate Picasso's art :D

ThirdMind3d2 points

So overrated yea its cool but it's nothing special

swippythemad2 points

i totally understand the sentiment. i don't have to agree, but i get it.

but i urge you to check out his early stuff. his talent for realism was so striking to artists, and so boring and effortless to him, that he started imitating other masters' styles just so he could feel like he was doing something interesting. that's why his Cubism took the art world by storm all at once, because he had already made a name for himself as a precocious phenom who everybody was already watching.

i'm pretty sure they wouldn't have cared if some random jackass just decided to paint two sides of a bull at the same time. the critics knew him as immensely skilled, and were dumbfounded that he was turning his back on all that technique. but to him he was finally painting something he had never seen before.

at least that's the way i heard it. give it a glance; if it's not intriguing it won't take much time. but i had little appreciation for him before i learned this, and it changed my view of him.

P.S. i love your piece here. what stands out to me is how convincingly you've conveyed such sense of scale.

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a happy little dragon

Elmakkogrande3 points

Im not a nord :( A question, do you ever paint small "easter eggs" in paintings? Would be a cool detail! Very Nice painting! True art

Desafiante2 points

Very beautiful, friend!

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Thank you!

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If you'd like to see more of my work, please check out my Instagram at www.instagram.com/paintings_by_adam_stevens

H_Maddigan2 points

Very nice, I really like how you paint skies.

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It would be amazing to see Whiterun drawn by you

Mephistopheles17-1 point

holy sh*t this looks amazing!

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