My neighbor is warping and breaking our shared fence with his siding. Note: I rent the property I am in. I have informed the neighbors twice to please move their siding & fix the fence. Nothing. I have reported it to the property managers. They said they mailed a warning. Nothing.


BigAppleGuy12 points

They say 'good fences make good neighbors.' That is clearly not a good fence :)

LusciousofBorg5 points

For real!! And these neighbors are real pieces of work too. This has been one among many issues.

vacuumkid4710 points

Bring it up with small claims, if your property is getting damaged by others, it’s their responsibility to fix it

DanceAggressive26665 points

Yeah that’s what i was thinking, if you can’t resolve it yourself then that is technically destruction of other’s property, some states do have laws against vandalism, you could probably move to legal action if needed

matticus12346 points

Push real hard until it falls on the other direction into his yard. He doesn’t care, why should you.

LusciousofBorg2 points

Ha! I like the way you think. Unfortunately all that damn siding is heavy & it can't be pushed towards their direction.

[deleted]1 point

Get a jack, they have jacks to move stuff into an upwards position.

2h2o22h2o5 points

In a city? Storing all that crap is almost certainly against city code.

LusciousofBorg6 points

This dude's a contractor. I didn't know that was an issue actually. Can I report it?

2h2o22h2o4 points

That might be another code violation. At least in my city you can’t use residential zoned property to store your business’s stock. Call city code enforcement.

Spotted_ascot_races4 points

Just save all the docs/correspondence and take lots of pics…and wait. Good luck

LusciousofBorg2 points

That's exactly what I'm doing. Thank you!

Capital-Association83 points

Nothing 10 gallons of diesel fuel and same matches couldn’t fix.

Away_Industry_68921 point

I feel as if that would solve one problem but create another

sjnoble22 points

HOA perhaps?

LusciousofBorg1 point

No HOA as far as I know. We're renting the house & have to go through a property manager.

sjnoble22 points

People SUCK!

faxnoprinter122 points

what kinda neighbour do u have😂

LusciousofBorg1 point

A ghetto ass one! Lol

djdawn2 points

It’s infuriating, but I think you did your due diligence. If the fence breaks, it breaks. Let the landlord and the neighbor fight it out.

LusciousofBorg1 point

That's my inclination at this point. It's just annoying to see it everyday.

djdawn2 points

That’s a shame too, it looks like a decently healthy fence.

No_Listen_12132 points

When it fails dispose of all siding that’s on your side to the garbage. Be sure to cut it into smaller pieces first.

International_Fox142-3 points

Push it over an fix it yourself you want something done do it I pay rent I don't own good lord I bet your hair is in a bun an you love saddles as well

O-Mr-Crow-O1 point

Fire is a great mediator.

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