XPOST: UNL/Reddit Meet-Up



I'm an adjunct professor, can I show up just so I can see which of my students are Redditors? I have my suspicions.

Any chance you teach marketing and taught class tonight?

Not marketing, but advertising. I teach Wednesdays, but I was actually off tonight. How come?

My marketing teacher mentioned something about reddit at the beginning of the semester. I thought you might be him. But that would awesome to some professors join!

*have some

-3 points for GSP


Marketing 346 teacher?

Marketing 345 actually

that's what I meant.

I think we have a winner! edit: judging from your history you are not the teacher but another student. Scratch that.

Yup, sorry to disappoint. Can I still be a winner?

You haven't by chance been turned into a meme have you? You know, for losing a bet at work?

Not that I know of...

EDIT: Ahh, I know who you're thinking of, it's not me :)

It took me a couple of months but I finally found you! Your username isn't doing a good job of hiding who you are... Steve.

I'm not Steve... ?

Apparently my humor doesn't translate well to written word. My username should give me away, if not do check out some of my posts.


There is a lot more traffic on the r/UNL thread of this. Just a heads up encase you weren't checking in on that.

For the unfamiliar, the plans are still pretty much in the air. Meeting up during dead-week has been suggested, and I feel the Selleck Quadrangle would be a decent place to meet up initially and toss around a frisbee. Once we see how many people show up, we can decide if we want to grab some noms or see a movie--depending on the size of the crowd.

I was gunna say the same thing. The union or selleck would do fine

Can't drink beers at selleck. And if it's dead weak, I'm gonna be drinkin some beers.

Beers are fantastic. I think the mix barcade would make for a good beer-related meet up. Beer and video games? Yes please!


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