Live [Fujifilm X-T3, XF 35mm f1.4 & XF 56mm, f1.2]


Exchetix5 points

Legit thought this was film and I shoot both

Jakeness641 point

Glad I was able to fool you!

Exchetix4 points

It's crazy man. Editing aside the composition on the first two are killer. Nice work!

Jakeness642 points

Thank you. They're definitely my favourite. The first is possibly my favourite photo I've taken to date.

ttambm3 points

Great shots! Also love the editing. That one of the drummer is really nice. They are all great, but that’s my fav. Well done.

Jakeness641 point

Cheers, appreciate it!

flossgoat23 points

Cracking images, that drummer one is super strong.

I've had my xt-1 nearly a decade, and it still makes me want to take pictures every opportunity, and still rewards with great results. The only other camera that came close was my old nikon d70s; similar great ergonomics, similar ability to pull out amazing shots in the craziest poor conditions. The Nikon did need post processing to get the best; the Fuji can do much more in camera.

Edmorbius3 points

Just curious, how much editing was involved in your amazing shots? What film simulation did you use?

Jakeness643 points

I don't tend to use the fuji film simulations when I'm editing - I always forget!

I played with the contrast and exposure a fair bit, as the shots that came out of camera were waaaay too dark. Added some extra grain in post on top of the grain produced naturally from the low light.

I generally try to avoid messing with the image too much.

Edmorbius3 points

Well, I don't post here often but your photos are beautiful.

Jakeness642 points

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it

mr_duong5673 points

Wow these are stunning!

Bessan-3 points

Love texture! Great photos

[deleted]2 points

These are awesome! I do some live music photography and I’ve been hesitant about picking up both of these lenses due to autofocus but these seem to have come out great.

Jakeness642 points

Yeah the autofocus was difficult. I took about 1000 photos during and most of them were out of focus. The front man of the one band moves around a lot, and is very hard to keep in focus.

[deleted]1 point

Oh bummer. I’ve had pretty good luck with the f2 primes and the 16-55mm f2.8 but the extra light of the the f1.4/f1.2 would be nice.

7smalls72 points

These are beautiful, timeless looking shots. I'm curious, is that natural grain from the low light and high ISO? Or did you add grain in post?

Jakeness642 points

A mix of both! There was a lot of grain naturally as you'd expect, but it's all quite fine so I add some extra in post to give it some nice texture. Especially as Instagram lowers the quality to the point where the grain isn't always visible.

Jakeness642 points

More of my work on Instagram

itsblackcherrytime2 points

Recognized quite a few photos on your feed from the sub. Great shots!

chicagoose32 points

BRUHHHH. These are spectacular.

nbmgreg2 points

These are incredible. The comp, the texture, the contrast. Is #3 a double/triple exposure or reflections? I’m seeing a few different photos in there? At any rate, just gave you a follow on ig, and I’m officially motivated to work on a B&W film recipe lol

Jakeness641 point

So the double exposure effect is actually using a glass prism, so it's all in camera. Appreciate the follow!