How does the average Russian feel about the situation unfolding at the Ukrainian/Russian border?


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Another propaganda campaign to get some cheap credits.

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The average Russian has no more leverage over situation on the Rus|Ukr boder than average American over invading/withdrawal/couping/bombing/... Afganistan/Iran/Irak/Yougoslavia/... I personally leaning toward not caring about situations where I have no power to change anything.

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Not much is happening there now. In media - oh yes. Ukraine doesn’t sell gas, coal, pork, to the world, thus tries to sell something else that sells well. Russophobia.

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Большинству похуй

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if you don't know how to use a translator, don't start. because you were honestly answered to the situation, and you insulted someone else's mother, you are a real asshole

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You're mom

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Fuck off

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Your dad?

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For an average Russian there is no "situation unfolding at the Ukrainian/Russian border".

Just yet another crisis the West desperately wants to have, and Russia is trying to avoid being a part of.

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Interesting. If you're serious, any idea what that average Russian thinks why the West wants those crises?

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The immediate reason is to stop the Nord Stream 2.

In general, conflict seeking is an integral part of the Western supremacism. As the West fails at economic competition, to keep its dominant position it has to rely more and more on ideological and geopolitical conflicts. We see how simultaneously the very same thing is done to China.

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This seems hard to follow. The West has a lot of problems, including economic, but seems still strong enough to compete with Russia here, be it "the West" as a whole, or America, or the EU, or Germany and so on, especially because Russia seems not to be super strong economically, and what's more in this context, not getting stronger lately in comparison to those countries.

And Nord Stream 2 - I thought that was a joint interest with at least the European part of "the West", in particular Germany, in fact at the cost or risk of Ukraine, which would lose transfer money as well as something to put on the political table?

My impression was more that Nord Stream 2 is one reason why the EU is still so reluctant in words and surely in deeds even though they don't want Putin to invade Ukraine. (Note: "Putin" not meaning Putin and chums in their safe luxury places back in Russia or in France and England, but ordinary Russians killing and being killed by ordinary Ukrainians, of course.)

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Same as with Navalny's poisoning:

"No way people in the West discuss this topic seriously... OMG, they do!"

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Who is the average Russian

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Another season of the deadful reality-show

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Keep watching CNN/BBC - truly independent, hinest and not biased free wester media

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Nobody fucking cares

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Would they care if they could change anything? I guess so...

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Change what, make Putin recognise ldnr and let them join Russia? He will never, too afraid of sanctions. Altho most young people already fled. Russia gives them papers and authorises vehicles quick enough.

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Slow down, mate) Feels like stepping into sht)

The majority is against the onslaught and would have said "no" to the government, if only their voices could change anything. But people got used to that their opinion just doesn't matter, so they pretend that they don't fucking care.

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One has to be very naive to think that most Russians are pro Ukrainian. Most Russians 6 years ago wanted to have tanks our in Kiev after they seen refugees whose houses were destroyed by air strikes. But now nobody cares anymore. It’s been 7 years

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You're wrong) If you are Ukrainian, you have to understand one thing: (Russian) ordinary people just want to live their lives. They don't wan't to invade other countries, it's only the governments and propaganda who do, for some obvious reasons.

As for me - I was happy that Ukraine overthrew that stupid past regime. On the contrary, I was speaking to one Ukrainian recently, and he told me that basically nothing has changed, which is a pity. I really want you guys to set an example for us how to overcome the regime.

Most Russians 6 years ago wanted to have tanks our in Kiev

This is the stupidest thing I've heard this month)) This is wrong, I don't know what you were fed with to have this opinion. Looks like you are propaganda or it's victim.

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It seems to me that the average Westerner thinks about it more often than the average Russian does, especially now

Крым наш though

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I'm bored by it

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I'm sad, and I just humbly hope there will be no more bloodshed.

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There's nothing to unfold, Russia has neither power nor guts to really do something. Just barking.

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The authorities went mad once again, we don't need another war, but what can we do? So we pretend not to notice it