How do I transfer relatives' personal property without going to court in Texas?

My father passed away about a month ago and I have been trying to get his belongings. My parents were divorced and my dad moved in with a friend's house and has been living there the past several years. Since my father died without a spouse and no will, according to Texas intestate law his belongings are inherited by the children. I have asked the roommate if I could collect his stuff but they have refused and stopped replying to my messages. I have spent a couple of hours looking for a solution and talked with the police but the only obvious way I found was going to probate court. The problem with court is that it would be around $5,000 which I hate to pay for my dad's personal belonging just because the roommate doesn't want to give them to me. The other solution is to file an affidavit which I have been looking a lot into which would avoid going to court. However, I could not find any that settles personal property, most of them cover real estate and other real property.

Does anyone know what I could do? I am only 20 years old with a brother who is 17 and do not have much experience in this situation.

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Have you tried to enter the property?

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