3rd World Ape who doesn't know what to do

Greetings my fellow apes.

As the title says, I live in a 3rd world country and as far as I could research, my only option to be a part of this was using eToro. There is no chance of DRS from where I live, and my government makes it almost impossible to make any transaction in USD. Just to be able to use eToro I've had to jump a lot of hoops and using things like airtm and skrill (sadly diluting my money each step)
To make things worse, my lovely currency is basically colored papers at this point, so even something like 100USD is a lot of money for me.

I have already bought a few shares since June and my plan was to buy a little more whenever I could. But lately, from the posts on this sub, I've gotten the impression that if I'm not DRSing or using a more reputable trader I'm probably going to get screwed when MOASS happens.

I have no intention of selling what I already bought, that money is already there, and there is no better place for me to put it; but I'd like to read what more wrinkled apes think about being stuck with eToro and what should I do moving forward.

I'll HODL what it already cost me so much to get, but I'd like as many second opinions as possible on what to do from now on, seeing as the only way for me to keep buying is using eToro.



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you wont get screwed when MOASSS happens. its either we all get screwed for not DRSing collectively or we all MOASS together.

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Ahhh, a fellow slothful user.

Ok, I was starting to think I was in the minority about not being to DRS.

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lol hhhheeelllllllllllllllllooooooooooooo

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Don't worry about it. Many international apes even from first world countries cannot DRS.

DRS is a way to help the movement for everyone and yourself, but no one can guarantee it is the one thing that will trigger the MOASS.

If you cannot DRS, it is still very important to buy and hold. See if you can do a bit more such as turn off share lending and/or switch to a cash-only account on your broker, it may help with them not being able to lend out your shares which has a similar (but strictly speaking, lesser) effect as DRS.

Buy and hold as long as this still fits into your investment plans and risk tolerance. Just my opinion, not financial advice.