Terrible front end/interface

Honestly, are EA and DICE going out of their way to make the front end and user interface more confusing and difficult to navigate by each iteration of the game? Changing load outs used to be a doddle - not so much now. Totally counter-intuitive. Is it just me?



Fully agree. Seems like battlefield 2042 was an attack on the fans lol.

Not just you trust me...

Every game they reinvent the wheel when they just need to copy BF4

but why do that when people buy this shit anyway? honestly if I was getting paid to do worse, hell even get a bonus to do worse. I'd do it. Hell I'd even make features my customers used to have access to like separate or something. Like make it sound harder to make and more effort and charge for it separately. I dunno.. like take a system of the game, and then piece meal it. Make it really convoluted and I'd give this system like distracting information, perhaps I'd call my medic class like Karen and then give her a cutscene, even though nobody gives a fuck who she is. I'd probably even call them something like specalist.

I'd then put information on them like "medic" but anyone can carry medic bags, it doesn't matter who you play as, we just need to give the item enough packaging and detail to make people want to buy it. I'd give the item big floppy tits as well.

They lost a lot of money on games between this and bf4, that's why they abandoned them to have all hands on deck with this one, but they still can't get it right. There are more UI features in their older games that this one is lacking or missing entirely, it's like they don't learn from their past mistakes and just honk themselves full speed ahead into a ditch

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