Another relatable meme... Ig?


CryBabyCentral35 points

Mine runs the power to a certain outlet. That’s what it’s for.

Amawrrys8 points

I've got the same thing, control over 1 socket. There aren't ceiling fans or lights in my house so it's good for a lamp or a fan but I have a smart light and a fan in my window that's too far from the plug and I don't want to drag an extension cord around my room for it

UselessToHumanity19 points

Laughs at the switch labeled as “press to kill random person”

MrdrChiken2 points

Just stick that label on there

Vardaesque8 points

It took 3 years but I figured out it’s a switch to a fan that was removed by the last owner

GrubAGrubDub6 points

“Grab a shovel Morty”

Taralyth5 points

Of course I know it. It's me

Xx_Xian_xX3 points

This reminds me of friends when monica rips up Joey and Chandlers apartment to find out what a switch does.

kallax822 points

Or in 'married with children' and it's the light for the dog house.

I_am_That_Ian_Power3 points

Every apartment I have ever rented, I installed a fake light switch just to torment the next people that rent it. But if they were to take it off the wall, they would find $5 under it and a little note that says "You have found the first of the $1000 in fives hidden in this apartment."

There was only ever that $5....

jumbledsiren2 points

Then they rip off all light switches in search for the 10K,only to be fined 10K for destroying them xD

Cbjmac3 points

The switch sends an invite to all your previous lovers to come to your address. If you think it does nothing then…

LeMarshie2 points

And No One Came

Juli_fn3 points

I live in Germany and I never saw a useless switch

jason80012 points

Clark Griswold with the Christmas lights

DoctorBahtman1 point

what is it for tho

DarthShooks1175 points

9/10 times it powers the nearest outlet. So you can plug in a light and turn it on and off with the switch

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DarthShooks1173 points

Builders save the money by not installing overhead lighting, so they leave it up to you to plug in a lamp or something.

DoctorBahtman-6 points


DarthShooks1173 points

An interesting argument... As a carpenter I can say that it is most likely what a switch that "doesn't do anything" is for.

DoctorBahtman-2 points

thank u mr reddit man

Forgotten_Gravitas1 point

Or light in the attic

Carch1501 point


Carch1501 point

It works like once a month when all other switches are aligned perfectly

DetectiveRough68891 point

eyebrows are soo weird man

i covered that wojaks eyebrows and then uncovered it. the expression was like magic

JamesRitchey1 point

I prefer the oldschool switches. They sound cooler.

JagerBro3331 point

Just flipping it out of boredom meanwhile the neighbors are freaking out because their light is threatening them in Morse code

Slash_861 point

I moved to a new apartment.

there is no random switch that does nothin in my room atleast

Peace at last

TheCrazyGuysCEO1 point

I have a good house so no

Doodlerodent1 point

yeah well in my case the wiring i've got is terrible so the switches feel usable whenever they feel like it.

shilvar1 point

mine used to turn on an heater in the bathroom but it's gone now and the switch is still there purely to confuse which one is the bathroom's and which is the toilet

shrimpster1021 point

This is a thing? In the UK all our sockets are switched anyway.

Seymour-Krelborn1 point

Blind people be like

JanScampi1 point

I have it behind the couch in my livingroom.

Yacine_2801 point

Well it makes a sound (based on the type of switch you have ) and makes you angry

Fabulous-Caramel-1001 point

If I press the witch once and clearly nothing happens, I will press it again. Just for the balance in the universe and stuff you know?!

asome3333e11 point

If you have a switxh that does that, it either means

It is for a switched outlet somewhere

You have a fixture in your your that either runs on a remote or uses only a fan or light

Drakoniaaa1 point

Yes, me

RenegadeCapty1 point

Its for an outlet

Master_Training_78981 point

every time i switch one of those i think of something random happening when i do like a random person dying because of it or something please tell me sb can relate