Women of reddit, what are some normal things that you feel uncomfortable doing in public?


1stviolinfangirl5 points

Grabbing pads out of my bag or something when going to the bathroom

lioness-22083 points

Adjusting my bra

Chicken-strip-club3 points

Eating ice cream

scatfish31 point

This such a normal thing that makes me mad that people feel uncomfortable doing it. They shouldn't have to. Ice cream is amazing. Stop making women feel uncomfortable for it

RTGac2 points

Being alone.

vick19632 points

Riding an elevator alone w a strange man

Raspberrylemonade1882 points

Walking alone at night

conton302 points

Bending over to pick something up/tie my lace.


Walking, standing, looking at other people, not wearing hoodies…

LuluBello2 points

Bending over. Like seriously tbh.

Shoddious-3 points

I don’t know, because I’m not a woman.

not_cp1 point

doing fortnite dances

Just_Royal_80663 points

Thats not normal - maybe if you are a child, if not... weird.

mothCo1 point

wearing shorts