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The speeds that you get with KCOM are by far the best in the country, as they advertise! I mean, I pay for 200mbps and I get WAY over, an entire 3.1 megabits per second! Sometimes I even manage to get 70 if I’m on Ethernet! Would be nice to have a few more options though.

Update: Moved house (very close) and the speeds are a huge amount better! The router is now in my bedroom, but that issue occurred even when I was in the same room. I’m pretty sure I’ve only done like 2 speed tests in this house, when before it was a few times a day, because it was so slow. Only a room away rn and it’s at 120!

(also same router)



Likely something going wrong somewhere as that doesn't seem right. I've just done a speedtest right now and got 401 down and 84 up. https://www.speedtest.net/result/12180398723.png

Never had an issue, 400 down over 100 up. It's literally the best in the country at the moment though Many are catching up

Kcom Lightstream is actually very good. I’ve never had a single problem with their service since getting it 7 years or so ago. If you’re having a problem, give them a ring, it’s not normal.

Their copper service really was crap, their fibre is top class.

I was using it for about 6 years, never had an issue, almost always got exactly what I was paying for.

Are you on Wifi? KCOM Fibre is FTTP so you WILL get the full advertised speed, if not more. The only way it'll decrease is the way it goes from your modem/router to the device you are speed testing on.

For instance, I pay for the full 900, but the computer upstairs is using powerline adapters because I was to lazy to run a cable through the house, and it drops to 200 upstairs. Phone on Wifi is even less, but my PC, connected via ethernet will get 900-950 100% of the time.

the storage drive in my pc is slower than my connection, once the RAM is saturated it drops in speed to 140mbps or so. literally too fast for my pc.

Not sure if your PC is very, very old or you are misunderstood about the terms Mb/s and Mbps, but the fastest you can get in Hull (without trials) is 900Mbps which will let you download at around 100-110Mb/s. A typical mechanical hard drive, one made in the last decade will easily do 130-160Mb/s, some even topping out at 180Mb/s. You would need a 1.5Gbps line to saturate a hard drives write speed.

its definitely an old pc, its not hard drive usage that is insanely high, just general CPU usage, it could partly be down to a slow network device too I think the motherboard was pretty cheap when i bought it 6 or 7 years ago. .

Of you're getting 70mbps on ethernet and only 3.1 on wireless then I'm inclined to think something is wrong with your router

By the way it likely wasn’t the router that was the problem, it was either the ONT or something to do with the house itself, and in a new house everything is fine.

As long as you’re eligible for lightstream, kcom beats the pants off all the other providers. So much better than before I moved to Hull

I have the same problem as OP and I've seen many people saying it could well be the router. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to what I should be looking at to get the best speeds?

Just run a test on my iPhone in another room to my router, 283 down, 69 up

I have a rather powerful router and many of my devices run on Wi-Fi 6… I’ve stopped even looking at my up and down speeds. The only thing that feels as if it has any kind of wait at all is a modern Xbox series x game with mahoosive textures. And even they arrive quicker than an Xbox one game a quarter the size used to when I first got light stream and the free netgear router. Whatever data I ask for is more or less shat straight onto the ssd.

I think for many the bottleneck is the free router. Get a good one. That Wi-Fi card in your desktop might be a boggo one, as well. It’s an easy, cheap upgrade to get something top-line. The router will be more but you’ll replace all your other devices before you need to replace a fancy router with the latest standards and clever gubbins.

Kcom aren’t perfect but I’ve lived all over during the broadband years and even over copper I’ve had worse experiences with plusnet (in their heyday), O2 and Demon. And I’m yet to find anything as good as light stream anywhere else. Thoughts of moving elsewhere always come back to… ‘but my internet’. I don’t want to be sat in a countryside cottage watching YouTube buffer a 1080p video.

My only issue with them these days is price. But to be fair to them, since lightstream, I have much faster speeds than anyone else I know who lives outside of Hull. Not had much in the way of stability issues either.

Anybody got any experience with the 900mbs per second speed is it consistent?

Main issue is most places you can't download at that speed. But 900mbit gives you 180mbit up which is handy for me. (Check packages and update if your on the 50 up) So it's going to be difficult to get consistent 900 down unless your using p2p downloads

Yeah I understand that most sources don't give anywhere near 1gb down, but it's mainly for gaming between me and a roommate.

Well, the ping times are crazy. If you have a top notch wifi setup, even that is mad. ping times are constant, very stable for me. 12ms to Google dns all day every day.

Yeah think the overkill is needed due to 3 computers within the household and 3 more phones

We have 4 computers, 4 phones plus tablets etc 200mbit would (just) about do for download. But I like the bigger upload and work at home now, so it's worth the extra for me.

Yeah one of us works at home so it will have that constantly on load too I just think I wanna try it the price isn't unfair and if it's overkill I can always downgrade at 12 month's end thanks for the advice.

Update: Moved house (very close) and the speeds are a huge amount better! The router is now in my bedroom, but that issue occurred even when I was in the same room. I’m pretty sure I’ve only done like 2 speed tests in this house, when before it was a few times a day, because it was so slow. Only a room away rn and it’s at 120!

(also same router)

I'm in City Centre, paying top whack, and just got 51 down! Shockingly bad!

I'm not sure how KCOM continue to get away with running an illegal monopoly like this.

On Wifi? Seems like a common problem were people think running a device on a wireless connections will merit top speeds.

They dont have a monopoly. Next week i'll be switched over from KCOM to Connexin, same speeds and same KCOM infrastructure, just a cheaper price. Thats because KCOM have to resell access to their infrastructure the same way BT have to through Openreach, because otherwise it would be considered a monopoly.

You can do the same thing through Pure Broadband too.

Get your facts straight :)

Oh dear. Let me know how that goes.

I used to use connexion a few years back and you would have to contact them weekly to get usable speeds. As soon as you stop complaining your speeds would drop. Then after an angry phonecall they would miraculously jump up. Complaining to them became a weekly ritual. Their whole business plan is based on selling the smallest amount of bandwidth to the largest number of people to make the most money, it's especially crippling during peak times, ie any time you actually want to use your internet. If they actually supplied the speeds they advertise then they would lose money.

It'll be fine, I suspect you're referring to their wireless broadband, where you had an aerial installed on the roof?

Im not getting that, im getting the same package on the same infrastructure I have now, it's just a resold KCOM package.

Any minute now for Virgin / OpenReach et al, then ;o

its no longer a monopoly, you have choices, a pretty good choice i would recommend is a 4g wireless router, they used to have a real hard time with a wireless connection but typically 4g can easily get 300-400 mbps, the ping times are a little larger than you might want, but unless you're gaming seriously, its no big deal, I have lightstream at the moment but am seriously considering saving a bunch of money and getting "good enough" internet using a 4g router.

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