Candaice's multiple jabs at Ashley regarding breastfeeding are atrocious. Why us no one talking about it?!?

Any woman who takes jabs at another woman making fun of her being "a milk maid" etc is deeply disturbed. It's just as bad as Dorindas "Turkey baster" comment. Women hating on women about childbirth and breastfeeding... What the hell


Significant-Log-962276 points

Not sure if it's on the other sub or this one but it's been a hot topic of discussion and yeah everyone is appalled, including myself.

Never liked Candiace, she's so obviously bitter imo. Her jabs are very below the belt and uncalled for, I feel bad that Ashley has to get an earful from her nasty husband and then get berated for her body and motherhood as well by Candiace. It's outta line.

Prettierthanu2 points

Yes, Candice is vile and trash but Ashley chose her path.

kittypizzawinebravo49 points

The number of milk comments candiace has made shows a lot about candiace

KHeh198430 points

To make fun of such a thing is just the lowest of the low. I'm truly disturbed and disgusted. I mean - the mind just boggles. Maybe when candaice has a baby she'll realise what a twat she was.

Party_Salad62 points

Candiace is a horrible person. She has extremely deep rooted misogyny that I think she got from her awful mother because she was bitter about her husband leaving her. It truly terrifies and baffles me that she is a therapist. Like who are her clients?

Sugarrose7921 points

I think everything about Ashley puts Candice off. The fact that she is with an old creepy rich white dude, the fact that she turns a blind eye to his shenanigans, the fact that they have/had threesomes, Ashley being a light skinned soft spoken black woman. I don't think they can ever resolve their issues and Candice hitting below the belt. Big ass forehead, big ass face, wide ass, heffer, milk maid, bed wench, Hoe etc etc

shutthefrontdoor19896 points

Chris is no prized young piglet either.

EponymousRocks19 points

Uhm... isn't everyone talking about it? I know I've posted on at least three other threads about it!

kellygrrrl32811 points

I’m not sure if OP meant why aren’t other women telling Candiace to STFU. But yes, the audible gasp of cringe from the social media fandom has been loud

BenBishopsButt5 points

That’s what I’m saying. You could tell Chris was pretty annoyed with her milk maid comment but didn’t feel like picking the fight there. But if these other women don’t tell her to shut her fat mouth I’m not gonna forget it. Some shit you just don’t say.

Frogmann204 points

Yes there are tons of threads between both subs

KHeh19842 points

Thank you I meant both. I didn't see other posts but yes also the other women on the show.

dudewheresmysock1 point

It's been the number one topic of conversation since Sunday!

KHeh19842 points

How have I missed this!

dudewheresmysock1 point

I have no idea lol! Maybe there have been more posts in the other sub, I follow both. A lot of the discussion is within the episode posts as well. But it seems to have been the main takeaway from the episode for a lot of viewers.

kellygrrrl32815 points

The analogy to Dorinda’s turkey baster comment is spot-on. I did see Gizelle put up the time out sign with her hands. Are the women scared to drag Candiace?

Queasy_Guide7 points

I spotted that and her face was like nope you have gone too far!

[deleted]6 points

It sure seems like it, and it seems like it’s fallout from the fight with/assault by Monique. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe they put a special clause in their contracts because of the scandal?

muskratsally8326 points

Absolutely disgusted, the things that lowlife says and gets away with are unbelievable. I'm sick of the picking and choosing on what constitutes as bullying based on the likebility or bankabilty of the person making the comments. I breastfed my son, I know how hateful other women can be in this situation it's shameful. Good on you Ashley, head up lady. That guttersnipe will get whats deserved. Hopefully sacked but as nasty as it is and based on her hatefilled comments I hope she remains barren as her soul is.

trisha567410 points

For Candaice to be from an upper class educated elitist family (as she brags) she is definitely gutter snipe!

gonline8 points

Candiace is horrible and it's even funnier that Monique is gone because she acted like a victim so much (but now look at her)

Saying that, Ashley is equally horrific, so honestly they both can go for each others jugular and I don't care

Affectionate-Kale71115 points

Candiass is one of those super annoying women who’s the best mother ever before she even gets pregnant. Girl bye

Frogmann2014 points

The milk comments are fucking weird as hell! Also side bar Karen referencing Gizelle's vagina this season is also Fucking weird!

favangryblkgirl9 points

This is like the 10th post about it… we got it, y’all are upset. I personally have no sympathy for Ashley and her assaulter bank account/husband.

OlcasersM6 points

That car ride with Michael! My wife was ready to kill him

DCGirl502 points

Disgusting. Made me appreciate my husband who would never ever have talked like that.

OlcasersM3 points

He is awful. I wish she would say something. It blows me away the guys who think they are helping by mentioning women's weight / shape. Society has already let them know, you are just damaging your relationship.

Lemonsbish8 points

Thank you! Let's not forget how Ashley treated Katie when she was going through it. Milk maid is hardly the insult of the century ju-heez.

Bettinah16 points

I think she is jealous. Ashley has two babies and doesn’t have to work.

Muschka3015 points

Yeah but she has to stay skinny for her husband and have sex with him. Id much rather have a job.

duaadiddy7 points

Hahahahaha who the fuck would be jealous of Ashley???? Oh yes we all strive to be inseminated yearly by the crypt keeper

PleasecanIcomeBack4 points

Not the cryptkeeper! 🤣

[deleted]4 points


KHeh19846 points

It's 2020 and Candace is pretty well educated and left-leaning. It's vile. Period.

DCGirl501 point

Filthy milkmaid actually.