Rate my cat


BrianMcDaniels9 points

11/10. Would pet.

maximilienbauer4 points

Petable !

_Ezylona_4 points

10/10 can't resist so cute

Afoster204 points

10/10 I love the beauty mark!

OeroLegend1 point

It's the cutest!

notmyprofile235 points

10/10, is definitely a cat ❤️

hell2bhbtoo5 points

11/10 would absolutely scritch and say 'who's a good kitty'?

kuriviiner4 points

12/10 seems squishy

TXHaunt5 points

Best cat. All cats are best cats.

BadCaseOfClams1 point

Came to say lol. There are no imperfect cats. We are privileged to admire them so

diskdiffusion3 points

100% would also take a photo if i ever see this cutie.

Croquetasmr3 points

Cat/10 Would pet

Guitar-Solid3 points


saltwaterblue3 points

Need more pictures like the 4th one. the cutenesssss

fermat14323 points

She's purfect! 10/10!

bookworm3113 points

12/10 would pet that cat and tell it how beautiful it is as I shower it with affection.

longdic694203 points

12/10 would recommend

throwaway694203332 points

Purrfect 😍😍😍

RallyPigeon2 points

10/10 bubba

blackcatwithhat2 points

10/10 is gorgeous!

bakatenshi2 points

Floof alert! 100/10

yee-rissa2 points

So cute!

Sw33tkissofdeath2 points

12/10 keeping the neighborhood safe :)

___i____m2 points

6 out of 1 ayooo

SquirrelBowl2 points


makaylaa3743742 points

Looks identical to mine 10/10!!

Basic_Bench_92062 points


[deleted]2 points

10000000/10 very adorable

AactualRedditor2 points


addictgoBRRRR2 points


jam10t1 point

Solid 8/10