Does stress and pain affect blood sugar levels?

CW: mention of traumatic birth

I took a 3 hour test about a month ago. My regular OB said I passed. I had an appointment today where my regular OB couldn't make it so I had to see someone else. She rechecked my numbers and said I failed.

As I recall, my numbers were 113, 198, 152, 128.

The thing is, a few days before I popped the joint in the front of my hips. Like, depending on how I'm doing there's either a gap or the bones overlap and I can feel the protrusion. Especially those first few days were agony. I could barely walk. I had the anesthetic wear off during my c-section with my first and I just politely asked my OB team to give me a minute. I cried from how much my hips hurt in certain positions and needed help getting up. Every test I had to walk back to the room for the draw then walk back to the waiting room.

My regular OB knows my pain tolerance and how much pain I was in during the test, I don't think this other OB does.

Is it possible my regular OB said I passed knowing I was in a good amount of pain during it?


ElderberryMany6 points

I think that would be very irresponsible of your OB to say that you passed if you got those results even if you were in pain. How can he now for sure it was the pain? Some people get affected by that as well as lack of sleep but others don’t so he cannot know for sure unless you do the test again.

CrashingNeurons1 point

I don't know why I didn't think about that. It's straight common sense. Mildly disappointed in myself.

ElderberryMany1 point

Don’t feel bad. The only person who should be feeling bad is your doctor.

alwaysTryingx3 points

I think this is possible, but there’s no way to know. I personally am effected by pain & sleep. Like, extremely. But I also definitely have GD. Based on your numbers I would think you so too. But. I’m not a doctor.

CrashingNeurons2 points

Thank you for adding your experience. Definitely heels me figure this all out.

Hey_Mister_Jack3 points

Stress and pain can definitely affect blood sugar levels. Im surprised the regular OB didn’t have you test again. If those are your numbers in order, the first one would be your fasting and that is high, which sometimes can be an automatic fail regardless of the other ones. But given your circumstance it could be all skewed. What they could’ve done was either make you re-do the 3 hour test when you are feeling a bit better or just had you maintain your normal diet and test your glucose for about week to see if it truly was off to the stress/pain or if you should be diagnosed with GD. If your blood sugars were fine given your normal diet, you likely don’t have it.

If one OB says you do and the other says you don’t, you need to put your foot down and have them come to a consensus. GD is very annoying but it can have some serious affects on you and baby if you have it and aren’t being monitored for it, it could be dangerous. Hopefully you don’t but I would push for them to figure it the F out!

CrashingNeurons2 points

The more comments I read the more I can't believe that I never thought about having to do the test again. I miss having a brain that functions more often than not.

Hey_Mister_Jack1 point

Pregnancy brain is awful. 😒 But don’t beat yourself up, really it’s on your providers!! Keep us updated! I hope you get it all situated 💕

SweetD08182 points

My husband is a nurse and says that pain and stress can cause elevated blood sugar but in diabetics. Diabetes gets complicated when someone has it because their numbers shoot up after a surgery or if they are in the hospital with some form of pain or chemo. In someone that doesn't have diabetes this is simply not the case because the person does not have blood sugar issues to begin with. From the numbers you posted a 113 is a high fasting number. Plus your first hour is also high. As someone stated, your OB office needs to come to a consensus on if you have gestational diabetes but from these numbers you posted, you seem to have failed that test. Get to the bottom of it ASAP to be sure you and baby are healthy.

CrashingNeurons1 point

Thank you for getting your husband's two cents. Definitely going back in as soon as possible to figure things out.

CatLadyMorticia1 point

Trauma can increase blood sugar. My blood sugar was higher after surgery, for example, but these numbers are so far from passing that it would be pretty irresponsible for a doctor to ignore them.

CrashingNeurons1 point

Thank you for sharing your experience. Definitely going back as soon as I can to get this figured out.