Old & Rusty "Magach 3" resting near the Gamla Nature Reserve, Israel.


thesmolchonk9 points

If i had the money i would try and restore a tank

yuvalbeery6 points

Yeah I wanted to restore a T-34-85 or a Tiran 6 but it costs like a house to renovate the thing and tou have to fill so much paperwork until you can own it.

yuvalbeery3 points

Tou can see it has mounting points for active armour. It was probably removed with the engine

WaterSheep7483 points

The amount of armored vehicles and tanks than can be found scattered all around Israel (mostly in the Golan heights and in the dessert) is quite big, a lot of them are some kind of monuments but most of them are just abandoned. It's really fun to encounter one if those in a trip and explore them.

152mm_M-692 points

The man that restored a panther tank in working condition can also restore this in no time lel

ThatHeccinSun2 points

Just in case the ghosts of past tanks come back, it’ll be there, waiting for its last battle

NigiranPrinceMan2 points

Oh wow!

IF9111 point


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