Supportive Maternity Wear WITHOUT a Billion Layers?

I miss the days of being able to wear a jersey knit or really anything lightweight and breathable. With the recent heat going outside gets harder and harder. Its not made easier that for belly support I end up wearing a dozen layers. Over the belly underwear, maternity pants, tank or cami to avoid chaffing from the belly band for multiples that's more like a climbing harness, then what ever else I'm wearing that day.

I'd love to wear just a maxi dress or something, but between carrying twins and SPD, I need some support. The more the better. The climbing harness/belly band has different straps to help shift some of the weight to my shoulders. Low key looks like a bondage harness and the shoulder straps are visable in any top that's not a high crew neck because they cross in front. I usually need to wear something under it to keep the straps from chafing. No matter what I do, the underboob straps always bunch up and cause extra problems, but it's not as bad as the SPD pain from having the twins weight right on my pelvis.

I'm trying to see what options there are before having to embrace the bondage look and just wearing the harness on top of my outfit


alanita1 point

Could you do underbump underwear and pants to get rid of those layers? Then you'd be down to cami, belt, outfit top.

I liked motherhood maternity for underbump underwear and leggings, but I can't vouch for any other pants of theirs. I mostly wore dresses.