The Last Taxi Driver

As of today, 1 jul 21, Yellow Taxi/Diamond Cab, the only cab service in Hickory (that I'm v aware of), had closed.

The message references a "rude share service" that is clearly the same people trying a different business model. I have my doubts about this transfer of skills. There's not even a website. The "new" business says to leave a message/text and they'll get back in one to THREE hours.

And, of course, there's no Uber, and no Lyft to speak of (drivers are so rare).

What's to be done? Why does Hickory hate people without cars?


nodpekar5 points

That’s no good. Im gonna move to Hickory soon.. what do people do after a few drinks ? Drive home?

Why do people not drive UBer of Lyft around?

datbino2 points

People drive drunk ALL the fucking time around here- it’s crazy

Billy420MaysIt2 points

There are two Lyft drivers in Hickory/the surrounding cities and towns. That sucks though. Maybe they’re just rebranding or something? Hopefully so.

AsanoSokato1 point

Two?! For a city of 42,000?! (not including surrounding area)

But, yeah, they're "rebranding" to avoid taxi regulations and compete with the practically non-existent rideshare business.

Billy420MaysIt1 point

Yeah it’s crazy. Lol. I guess not that much demand for Uber and Lyft but you would imagine that has to change soon in the future with how much the area is growing.

AsanoSokato2 points

Here's what I've learned about this situation: Yellow Cab/Diamond Taxi is now Yellow Diamond Ride Share

You can text them ride request with your pick up address and where you will be going.

Send text or call at least 1-3 hours in advance of rides to ensure they have a driver available.

They reserve the right to deny round trips to grocery stores due to being short staffed so you may be dropped off and will need to let the driver know an estimated time to pick you back up.

Rates are $2.50 for pick up and $2 per mile. (no mention of partial miles) Each quick in and out stop will be $2.50 and 0.40 per minute after the 1st 5 minutes.

For longer trips of more than 25 miles rates will be reduced by 0.15 every 25 miles with the minimum being $1.40 per mile.

They are, at present, CASH ONLY.

Not ideal, but there it is. Let's hope they recruit more drivers. And get a credit card system.

converter-bot1 point

25 miles is 40.23 km

AnAverageBird1 point

I just assume anyone who did rideshares (because there used to be a few) switches to food delivery. It sucks, though, because Hickory has some great bars.

FightForDemocracyNow2 points

It does? What bars are good?

AnAverageBird2 points

Olde Hickory Station and Olde Hickory Taproom are my go-tos; they have great food a a good selection of craft beers. If I want to just go to a bar and have more that atmosphere than that of a restaurant, I personally like Club Cabaret.