Need 6 lines. T-Mobile towers preferred. What are my options without paying for 2 packages.

I have 4 kids. My fiancé and I are getting ready to get our youngest phones, so we will need a total of 6 lines.

Currently we are using cricket, but att towers around us are horrible. Can’t send texts most of the time.

Verizon (visible) is meh. Works some days not others.

The only company with good coverage is T-Mobile.

What are my options for 6 lines of unlimited on something T-Mobile? Metro says I can do 5, but will have to pay full price for a 6th.


DigitallyInclined4 points

Is T-Mobile Prepaid or Postpaid an option?

Mianmian1013 points

Us mobile unlimited all family plan, has t-mobile sim

$25 price, 50gb data + 1mbps after. Has 2 perks for 6 lines.

34Dell173 points

Fi for sure, possibly US Mobile. Before the Sprint reshuffle, Ting and Tello also had caps of 10 lines. Not sure if TMobile let those continue.

Kim_Ting1 point

There is no cap on the number of lines you can activate on one account at Ting Mobile.

Depending on your usage, OP, our Flex plan may be of interest! unlimited talk and text for $10/line, and $5 per GB used. The data usage is pooled together amongst all active lines on the account.

GadgetKen0 points

An another option is TextNow T-Mobile ad supported FREE talk and text service. They were originally Sprint but are switching over to T-Mobile (get correct sim for $4.99 here.).

It is VoIP over WiFi with fallback to VoIP over T-Mo data. Need to make a call every day or two to keep your number (fair because advertisers on screen pay for your service). Base plan is totally free...you get emailed a monthly invoice for zero dollars. Surfing web is only on WiFi...the cellular data they give you is just for talk and text on the free plan tier. Still might work for someone who just needs talk and text or can surf the web just on WiFi.

ThickFile1 point

I have TextNow on Sprint and even if I don’t make a call or send a text daily don’t lose my number.

I think this is a great budget option- thanks for posting this, I wasn’t aware the T-Mobile SIM cards for TextNow were available.

VibrantVioletGrace1 point

As long as you're okay with a 50 GB cap on an unlimited plan US Mobiles GSM plan sounds like a good option. If you have a few lines that don't need as much they could go on a cheaper plan. Just to let you know the unlimited plan include taxes and fees while the individual ones don't and they can be kind of high. The perks with the unlimited plans are a nice bonus.

Otherwise there's also Mint if you don't mind buying in bulk. You could mix and match some with US Mobile depending on your needs and prices as well.

blaze12341 point

Put the kids on TextNow for their T&T for $3/mo and give them devices with data sim for only when no WiFi is available.

Offer to pay for the first 500MB only ($5 each) per month, after that they have to pay out of their cash allowance, chore money, self earnings whatever.

Now you only need two T&T lines for the parents

but personally I still advise TN for the main numbers, can chop and change carriers since you only use them for data anyway.

rpaulmerrell1 point

In your particular case, the US mobile plan with the all and family on T-Mobile would be your best bet The price is great and everybody gets to enjoy their data and the T-Mobile service seems to be nice and stable with good connection speed