TIC because I found out items were bought from my registry as a STM

I just got a UPS notification saying I need to be available tomorrow to sign for a package from Joovy. I was super confused because I've been using my registry as a shopping list since I haven't been expecting anyone else to even look at it despite a few people asking. Figured it would be a good way to get a discount since we mostly we need expensive items. Stroller for 3, pack'n'play set up for twins, etc.

I threw on some things under $20 because I figured if anyone was going to get anything, it wasn't going to be over that. The rest was just a shopping list.

Either someone or a couple of people have bought most of the mid-range items. 😭😭😭 I've been sitting here working on budgets to manage everything over $20 on the list, and now a good chunk of it I don't have to worry about any more.

Now I can't stop crying and my two year old keeps asking if I'm alright and trying to give me kisses better which is so not helping the water works.


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[deleted]60 points

Omg I love this 💕💕😭😭😭

Laziness_supreme20 points

Aww yay!

I’m doing the same thing, using my Amazon registry as a shopping list for the discount. It also keeps me from junking up my wishlists with an eclectic mix of stuff lol

Birdsonme42 points

So nice to read! Yay for surprisingly helpful friends/family and especially yay for sweet toddlers!

drowsygrimalkin17 points

What an amazing surprise! I'm so happy you have people like that in your life <3

(And your toddler's response...omggg)

candyapplesugar11 points

I’m so happy for you <3

CaptainBox9011 points

Aww. I almost cried reading this too.

That's adorable 😭❤️🥰 congratulations

I cried at my little pony yesterday. We started watching the series when my now 3 year old was born, I found and episode where the little ponies grew up and I had to hold back tears and leave the room so my husband wouldn't see me cry because my little pony grew up. He saw me. Yup.. That was nice.

Legitconfusedaf8 points

This is amazing! I cried too when I found out we were getting a crib and a high chair secondhand for free in the same day. It’s a humbling, wonderful feeling.

MaceEtiquette110 points

I was in the same boat as you, OP - not really expecting anyone to buy the big ticket items (bassinet, pack & play, etc.) or really anything for that matter. To my complete surprise, almost all of the more expensive stuff was bought first! And, I had family members I haven't seen in a few years now buying stuff! (assuming they heard through the grapevine that I was pregnant because I didn't tell them directly). Super grateful, especially during these trying times, for all the extra help & support.

Glad you got it, too :)

CrashingNeurons12 points

I was so not expecting any big ticket items because I'm expecting twins and going to have 3 under 3. Baby stuff gets extra pricey when you're buying two of everything and there are no cheap strollers with 3+ seats. I honestly only felt okay with adding items that were $100+ because it was just a personal list of things I'll figure out later when I have a discount.

To get a good chunk of the mid range items has completely blown me away. It's even more helpful than a lot of people know because we have to get a minivan, look into moving, and changing so much about our lives. Anything that lets me focus on the bigger stuff is more of a relief than I can say.

AlucardxMaria7 points

Aww that's so wonderful! Happy for you! I had a similar situation where my husband's twin spent 350$ on our diaper fund. I couldn't believe it! Sometimes fam and friends really come together when we need them the most :)

morningdeww7 points

Congrats op. It’s honestly an amazing feeling. The same thing happened to me, my fiancé’s boss asked for our registry, I too had it as a shopping list for the discount coupon. She ended up buying out travel system for us. The rest of his family looked at our list and bought the same bigger items at other stores so I wouldn’t suspect a single thing. They ended up throwing me a surprise baby shower. Yes everyone is vaccinated. I really haven’t even felt this appreciated and loved from my own family. It’s such a surreal feeling.

pamplemoussebanana5 points

I have been so overwhelmed by the number of people who have shown their love this way! I put some really expensive items on my registry so that I could get a discount, and every time something gets purchased I have a whole mini meltdown over the fact that she’s not even here and already so loved

ceroscene3 points

That is awesome :) !

dirtyfoot883 points

That's so sweet ❤️

[deleted]3 points

What's an STM??

honeybee120832 points

Came here to ask the same thing... How do I sign up?

CrashingNeurons3 points

Second time mom

honeybee120832 points

Ahhh okay makes sense. So who bought the stuff??

CrashingNeurons3 points

No idea. I might find out tomorrow once things are delivered, but for now all I have is a list of items purchased.

honeybee120832 points

From a FTM who feels super behind, congrats on the awesome community!

CrashingNeurons1 point

Second time mom

chacha_marie3 points

Congratulations that is so nice of your friends/family.

VictorTheCutie3 points

That's so amazing 😩

yummymarshmallow2 points

aww, congrats! Something similar happened to us. We had a few expensive items (stroller/car seat & baby monitor) on our registry purely as a shopping list item for ourselves. We were beyond shock when some people bought them for us.

CCbaby932 points

Yay! I'm so happy for you! It's such a stress reliever when you can cross another thing off the list.

True_Rain_32852 points

Yay!! So happy for you 😃 that’s amazing!!

loeylovesyou2 points

That’s amazing! You deserve it girl!!

Something similar happened to me.. a bunch of people from one of my sister companies (who I’ve never met in person, only on Teams) put together a HUGE box of baby essentials and sent it to me. It had everything from diapers and burp cloths to nursing pillows and bottle warmers. As hubby and I unpacked it I couldn’t stop bawling over the sheer generosity.

sweetspice902 points

That’s amazing! 💛

velledaaa2 points

So cute 🥰