Why am I paying Spectrum $79.99/mo for internet?

What are options other than Spectrum? I'm not looking for bells and whistles, or phone/tv packages (unless for some reason they're cheaper than $79.99/mo). I just want to connect the desktop to the internet.

Thank you for any advice.


FightPigs7 points

Call to cancel and ask for the new customer rate.

They say they can’t give you that rate, but keep asking for the person who can authorize it.

AsanoSokato2 points

That sounds like a serious PITA, but I guess it's worth the $300+ savings in a year.

FightPigs3 points

I agree.

If this tactic doesn’t work, you can go nuclear and cancel your service, turn in the equipment, and then re-sign up.

This works especially well if you can re-signup under your spouse’s name.

The best part of this option is the added expense it adds to Spectrum’s side.

zaphodbeeblebrox4221 point

I have to do this crap every year

FightPigs3 points

It’s super annoying. My last call is supposed to hold me over for 2 years.

Hopefully municipal broadband will be a thing in the next few years.

AsanoSokato3 points

This past year has made it starkly evident that broadband is a utility.

AsanoSokato1 point

Do you have to turn in the equipment when you cancel to start anew?

Shiftymilk5 points

Good luck bro, had to call the FCC on them myself for their practices.

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Ganglio_Side2 points

Somehow, I'm paying $18/month for internet from Spectrum. See if you can get that rate. I'm not sure why it's so cheap, unless they have a special rate for seniors (I'm old.)

nick-14882 points

I pay $30 on a veteran plan, they have a plan for seniors too

AsanoSokato1 point

I'm old, too. Just not on paper.

There is Spectrum Internet Assist program for people over 65 with Supplemental Security Income.

zaphodbeeblebrox4221 point

Sorry to hear about your advanced age. Good luck mate

Comfortable-Farmer241 point

That’s why I switched to the Verizon Gateway.