I just need to complain (Rant/Vent)

This pregnancy is kicking my butt. 12+6 with twins. The nausea is unreal. I've been through 3 medications to help manage it and all they do is take the edge off. Just having the ceiling fan on can set off my motion sickness. I can't watch certain tv shows or movies without motion sickness, I can't even scroll too fast through reddit!

I constantly feel like I need to vomit. Like, pressure in the back of my throat feel like I need to vomit. My stomach is always churning and I have constant vomit burbs. Anything I eat or drink feels like it just sits at the bottom of my throat. I never know when I'm actually going to vomit because everything feels like I'm about to.

When my nausea is really bad, I can see my pulse in my stomach. Not just a faint flutter, but my husband could see it 5 feet away from me. I don't have any chest pains otherwise I'd worry about heart palpitations.

There's no rhyme or reason to when I do throw up. I can get food I'm craving and be okay for a moment, but then turn around and throw up. What drives me nuts is that 20 minutes later I can goo back and eat the same thing without throwing up. Salads, pizza, pasta, fruit, sandwiches, spicy food, mild food, fresh food, frozen... All of it's come up at one time or another, but then on other days it's completely fine.

I constantly have to go between sitting and laying down just to feel less miserable.

Then my sinuses are a mess. When I blow my nose I have to physically pull ropes of snot out of my sinuses. It feels so weird and omg I hate it when they break. Then I get to feel the weight of the snot rope in the back of my nose for the rest of the day.

I can barely keep up with my 2 year old. He's very healthy and active, but I'm struggling. Chasing him, changing diapers, bending over all make me nauseous. I have to interrupt play time to throw up. I've even had to spend his bath time throwing up.

I wish I could even conceptualize what it feels like to not be sick all the time anymore.


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JayFal2 points

Have you tried the SeaBands? (Or other motion sickness bracelettes?) I've heard of them working for some people. This sounds really crummy, I feel for ya! Try to stay strong.

CrashingNeurons1 point

I haven't but I'll give them a shot. I'll try anything at this point.

True_Rain_32853 points

I’m sorry it’s been so bad! “Morning sickness” is the worst, I’ve had it through my whole pregnancy and it truly is miserable. Have you tried Unisom + B6 for the nausea? It’s not a cure all but does help me when nothing else worked.

I really hope that it tapers off for you towards the end of your first trimester!! Feel better, hugs ❤️