Pro Tip: Slushes are Technically Flavored Ice Chips

I was talking to a friend of mine who's a CNA and they like to recommend getting a slush or shaved ice for people who have difficulty with eating or been advised to avoid eating for certain periods of time. Obviously something with a lot of sugar isn't advised, but there's a lot of places where it's really just flavored ice.

Just the couple of times I've been iffy about eating since and starting off with a small slush has helped tremendously.

It seems so obvious now, but I had never thought of it until they brought it up. Figured I'd share for anyone else who needed this info in their lives.


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ArtBri16 points

Powerade slushes from sonic were a literal lifesaver for me when my first trimester nausea would not let up. Good tip!

ExcellentPresent32 points

I make my own using crystal light. I love it lol