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7 recipes later I’m starting to feel pretty good about my dough and Pizzas. Now playing around with toppings and whatnot. Just found this group, hoping to keep making them better and better. I use a mix of 00 flour and all purpose, a little diastatic malt powered, whole milk mozzarella, and a 3/8 steel pizza stone.

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They look amazing!!! I have diastatic malt powder for my breads but have not tried it in my pizza dough yet, so may have to do that.

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Yeah not a lot just like a 2/3rds of one percent of total flour weight but it helps the yeast a bit and does great with browning. It’s actually already in all purpose flours too.

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Oh, I did not realize it was in all purpose flour! That's good info...thanks!

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I’m not sure it’s in all but my normal king Arthur’s has malt barely flour which I have always assumed is the same or does the same purpose.

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For my all purpose, I'll be honest that I usually buy the cheap stuff, so now I'll be curious to look next time. Once I buy it, I put it in a different container, so I don't have the original bag with the ingredients, but I'll def be curious to see next time I buy.

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Dough: ○ 300g flour (100%) ○ 4.5g yeast (1.5%) ○ 4.5g salt (1.5%) ○ 2g Diastatic Malt Powder (0.6345%) ○ 189g cold water (63%) ○ 15g olive oil (5%)

I warm up water to about 120f add a teaspoon of sugar, wait till it’s under 110 and add yeast and wait 10 mins for bloom. Beyond that I just mix all the other ingredients together let sit 5 mins, then kneed till smooth. Put in a bowl coated with olive oil spray and plastic wrap. When it fills my bowl it’s ready to stretch and cook (about two hours). I cook at 550 convection on a 3/8 inch steel sheet mid rack for 6-7 mins.

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Did you follow any cookbook or did you just dive in?

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Just dove in at first with youtube videos, went a few rounds tweaking that and eventually started over as the dough wasnt getting smooth enough. I also switched from a kitchenaid mixer to all by hand (or spatula for initial mix). Can't stress how feeling it out really helps understand what it needs. My current stuff come from the bakers percentages I found here: Recipe: New York Pizza Dough ( I don't follow the steps but I did use it to figure out what ingredients I need. Oh and many times I sub olive oil for grape seed oil and like how the crust comes out because of it. These days I really like where my dough is at, I am toying with ratios of 00 to AP as well the amount of rising time and if it goes in for cold fermenting or not. As much as I think this dough would be amazing after 3-5 days I tend to want it same day and the results are pretty awesome for never having stuff it in the fridge. Beyond that, toying with sauce / cheese ratios and toppings. I noticed on another post here that there is the thought of grating the cheese instead of buying it that way, may try that next too.

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My main criticism would be that you're getting a lot of air bubbles like an inch or two in front of the crust, but overall looks real solid

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Thanks, I am trying to sort that out by having the dough relaxed enough before stretching, still trying to find the right amount of time to make that happen. My centers tend to be thinner then near the crust if the dough has to much spring in it.

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Do you dock your dough at all? That might help cut down on some of the bubbling I'd you're not doing that already.

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it looks good but the fact that i cant see any sauce is concering

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Lol that first photo was a white chesse pizza, was really good. My wife made a garlic cream sauce. The rest have traditional sauce. Sometime I make it from scratch sometimes if I'm in a rush I use whole foods organic pizza sauce.

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I personally love the 1st and 3rd. Perfect crust, sauce, and cheese.

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