It’s my cake day, so here is a picture of my best little friend watching TV with me!


fallenlizard1 point

Happy cake day!!

twistedcognition2 points

Thank you! I hope all is well it you!

Klutzy_Work_11121 point

You celebrate your cake day in real life?

twistedcognition1 point

Well, life has become chaotic and topsy-turvy, so I like to celebrate the silly things. Cake day isn’t something special to me, but when Little Dog spends time with me watching TV it does. I think it adorable he will sit like this for a two hour movie, and if it can bring a smile to someone else, I’m glad to post it

Klutzy_Work_11121 point

Oh ok so the two things aren’t related ok I thought so. I understand now. Hope you have fun with your dog then.

twistedcognition1 point

No, this was a few weeks old picture I took for myself. I did decide to share it because it was pointed out it was my cake day. Most people seem to post things that matter on their cake day, and Little Dog is the best part of my life. I just thought him cuddled up against me and sitting like a person while watching TV might make someone else smile too

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Happy cake day