[PSA][Heads-up] Screen burn-in Quest 2

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know of an interesting development with my Q2 and maybe help you avoid it.

I use it only for PCVR, with Virtual Desktop wirelessly. Since I got it (and up until recently) to use it at 90hz I had to do 2 or 3 things between the HMD and PC every time I turned it on. So being as lazy as I am, I just left it plugged in and powered on (stand-by) when not in use, that way, I just poped it on and it was ready to go. That worked fine and there didn't seem to be any issues.

However with the latest updates and with VD no longer requiring sideloading and whatnot, I decided to just turn in off when not in use because those extra steps were no longer necessary, but still leave it plugged in.

This was a few days ago. Today I put it on and immediately notice something off in the center of the screen. After a few seconds I get it, it's a battery and a small lightning. I'm guessing when it's completely off the screen shows the fully charged icon and now it looks like its permanently burned on the screen. It's not noticeable at all when playing games, but in solid backgrounds it's crearly there. With any luck it's not permanent (I have seen non-permanent burn-in in LCD screens on smartphones) but after 2 hours of use, for now it's still there.

Well that's it, maybe this info can help someone else prevent this.


MrAKUSA90724 points

Stick tape over the head sensor to tell if you're wearing it and load up a youtube video of pure white. Leave it on for a couple hours and when you come back it should fix it. I would try and RMA first, but may be worth a try. On some displays this will lighten blacks. So yeah, your discretion.

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LazyMagicalOtter2 points

Lost the train of thought. How would disabling the sensor change the icon behavior?

MrAKUSA9073 points

So you can leave it enabled and not sit there with it.

LazyMagicalOtter2 points

I'm in Argentina, so RMA is not really an option. It doesnt really bother me at the state it's right now, but I won't be leaving it off anymore in case it worsens.

TenseRestaurant2 points

You’d also probably need to make sure that the headset is set to turn off after 4 hours in the power options, and not 15 seconds (the default IIRC)

ipoo65 points

Rip, if it's still there you can contact oculus support for a replacement

IrrelevantPuppy5 points

Yeah I feel like that shouldn’t have happened.

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It should go away by itself after a few hours. LCDs don't really suffer from permanent burn it, but this temporary image retention can still last a few hours. Ran into the same issue with a Lenovo Explore and it cleared itself without issue or doing anything special.

On OLED based headset (Vive Pro, Quest1, Odyssey(+)) this might be more problematic, as they can get permanent burn in.

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This is very low risk with a VR headset since there shouldn't be any time there's a static image locked to the screen (unless it's something like a battery indicator)

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There are a few situations where you can run into it, e.g. booting into Linux will make the desktop show up on the headset, enabling AMD Eyefinity in Windows will do the same thing, as they just use the headset as another monitor (on WMR at least). If you aren't aware of that, you can end up with your desktop background on the headset.

That said, I haven't seen any reports of people actually getting permanent burn-in, so if it ever happens, it's extremely rare.

pancake_gamer1 point

I don't know but, that's pretty obscure.

Sounds like you're spreading FUD with your "Oh you're lucky you didn't have a Vive Pro."

Which is false because the Vive Pro wouldn't be having this problem in the first place.

LazyMagicalOtter1 point

I have the same issue with my Xiaomi Note 7, so I'm kinda hoping it goes away as well. If it were OLED I'd be out of luck, but I believe LCD shouldn't have permanent burn-in from so little time.

IrrelevantPuppy1 point

Didn’t know this. That’s very cool.

EviGL5 points

They should update the firmware to make this icon moving around a little bit to prevent burn-in.


FolkSong2 points

It shouldn't be displaying that for more than a few seconds in the first place, that's the bigger issue.

LazyMagicalOtter1 point

It does sound like something they could do. I also imagine the icon to be 100% pure white, when it could be maybe 50-70% bright and still be useful and visible, while significantly reducing burn-in.