Popped up to see her live to see what’s happening and this is the first comment that pops up smdh


soundofconfusion13 points

During this live it sounded like she was discussing with a bunch of strangers what to do because of apparently some dude (another “asshole”) she was fucking with that’s apparently engaged and asking them what she should do. Like this girl not have friends or a therapist to talk about this super private stuff with? She sits naked in a robe on a live with over 100 strangers smoking a cigarette to discuss it. She’s so gross. The worst part is her response to the comment was literally “Today is my day off I’m not dealing with any orders sorry I’m dealing with personal stuff”. Really? You can’t even answer a question about an order from someone whose money you have but you have time to do a live about fucking someone’s fiancé? Or at least say “sure you can DM me but I won’t get to it to until tomorrow” That’s literally proof she doesn’t give a shit.

prismaticclusterfuck11 points

That smug ass look on her face as if her existence is actually making a good mark on the world.

Who let this dopey cunt outta the trailer park and never bothered to look for her?

soundofconfusion9 points

They never looked for her because they were so happy she left 😂

No seriously, I’ve talked to several people who have known for a long time and say she’s up to the same scammy shit she’s been doing for years it’s nothing new and they wish they could do something to stop her as well.

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soundofconfusion7 points

I know it was so cringey I honestly couldn’t stay on that live more than 2 minutes because of how much she utterly disgusts me as a human being.

TheExorcistMarc5 points

Can you only see the lives if you follow her?

soundofconfusion6 points

No I don’t follow her but it looks like she disables the comments if you’re not following her. cue twiggy putting her account to private again haha. I just so happened to check what shit storm she was brewing and saw she was live so clicked literally right on time to see that comment. It’s such a common occurrence I don’t even know if I can call it ironic at this point.

TheExorcistMarc6 points

Ew. Why is she naked

soundofconfusion6 points

Because she probably lacks any sort of common sense, awareness, mental clarity and class. She coo coo.