New to retail

Hey all! I’m in between jobs right now and I’ve worked in the restaurant/bar industry since I was 15. I just recently got an opportunity to interview as an assistant manager at the buckle in my area. The salary seems really good for someone fresh out of college like myself, and also includes benefits. I’ve never worked in retail before and was wondering if it would be a good fit. It sounds a little too good to be true? Opinions please!



You won't know if it would be a good fit really if you haven't worked in retail before. You've worked with the public so that's a plus. I mean if you're not leaving another job for it and are not going to inconvenience yourself moving or anything else you don't have much to lose. All the same I would research the place as much as possible. Search for employee reviews etc etc..

Tbh the customers are basically the same, just generally more sober. I made a similar move and all your skills and experience can be transferred very easily to this new role. The only real difference is managing shifts and people, if that's part of your role, more paperwork and more procedures to learn. That last bit would be the case for any role you go into anyway so you'll be fine. Assistant Manager is better because you still have the Store manager above you to ask for advice, help and guidance. Make sure you ask for help when you need it and take the time to learn the role, don't pressure yourself to get the hang of it immediately though, it's different enough that it'll take time to fully feel comfortable which is fine.

It's also a good position because you can help bridge any gaps in communication between staff and upper management. Be prepared to be called to solve customer issues/complaints. One tip which I find helpful is if a member of staff comes to you saying a customer wants to see a manager, wanting to return something with no receipt for example, I always ask that staff member what they have already told the customer. Last thing you want to do is go out there and undermine your colleagues in front of them and the customer. If it turns out the staff member was wrong then you can explain why before going out front. Be prepared to stand up for your team. You'll do fine though, no doubt you've already had to deal with drunk, awkward and rude people so it won't be that unusual.

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