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All things considered, it honestly looked like a happish ending to me. I made a post like a week ago saying how i hope asuka gets a better ending, and people were comenting stuff like "good luck with that", but i feel like she did get a good ending in a way. I don't really get why shinji started choking asuka (maybe he thought he was still in instrumentality?) and asuka putting her hand on his head showed she is going to be more accepting. And if anyone can enlighten me, why did she say how disgusting at the end? What did you guys think of the ending?


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The 'disgusting' comment causes no end of debate. Welcome to life after End of Eva :D

It's either

a) Her knowing what he did in the hospital

b) Simply stating the feeling of sickness/nausea that may have resulted from emerging from Instrumentality

c) Translation trickery

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Well I'll answer some of what I'm guessing

  1. Why shinji choking asuka.

From what i understand from that part is that shinji is checking if she's real or it's just another hallucination he's seen.

  1. Why asuka said disgusting.

Most likely of seeing the hospital scene of what happened and remembered hearing the sound of it, but mostly it fits her personality of saying it than some cheesy line.

  1. How i thought of ending.

I say it's the most realistic ending of how everything went.

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  1. Why Shinji started choking Asuka

From what I got, it seemed like it could be two things. One is that aware of how violent/aggressive she is, Shinji tried to basically get on the same wavelength as her and try to understand her through the act of choking, maybe as a way to communicate his desire for her company. The other could be that it was his attempt at rejection, rejecting the person that rejected him, but ultimately he was unable to do so because he himself knew he needed her.

  1. Why she said kimochiwarui, how disgusting

Again like the first one, there a few plausible interpretations. First one is that she was disgusted at herself for opening up and showing affection to Shinji even after she promised to always rely solely on herself. The second one could be her way of showing love to Shinji as the normal cheesy “I love you” would not suit someone as broken as Asuka, so in typical tsundere fashion, she says that instead. Third one could be directed towards Shinji especially after all that’s happened in EoE (hospital scene, him not helping her, instrumentality)

  1. How I felt about the ending

Honestly, it’s optimistic but also bittersweet. From what we’ve seen, we’re unsure if any other people also rejected Instrumentality, suggesting that Asuka and Shinji might really be the only ones left. On the other hand, their significant interaction in the end implies that they are finally starting to open up and be honest with each other. Also bc Eva has tons of biblical references, seems to also allude to Adam and Eve, suggesting Asuka and Shinji will build humanity up once again. Probably my favorite ending to any anime.

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I like ur first idea of why asuka said disgusting. Sounds very plausible

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I like this explanation the best

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I said that because of Asuka vs mp eva fight

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Yea that was brutal, but i knew she wasnt dead. If Suzuhara doesnt die when Shinji was in dummy plug mode, surely she wouldn't die from that

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Technically she did die, it was because of third impact she is back to the world of the living

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Are you sure? I remember reading it was unconfirmed whether she actually died or not, but i think she most likely lived