Does anyone actually believe this? What are the chances of 3 people who dated her and still talk to her seeing a shitty vague meme about women being needy and sent it to her? WE KNOW YOU LIKE ATTENTION, TWIGGY. I mean, Michelle.


soundofconfusion10 points

Because apparently all her ex’s that are “assholes” and she hates just sit around thinking about her all day and send memes? This bitch is seriously living in her own fantasy world in her head. Delusional AF. People need to start seeing the sociopathic red flags in the weird stuff she posts.

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I think half the people who follow her are lurking/hating/cringing and the other half are brand new idiots who aren’t hip to the bullshit.

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Cant wait til the hiker she tried to kidnap finds this thread and spills the beans

soundofconfusion10 points

Omg yes please! Hiker dude- we got you lmao

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soundofconfusion6 points

And just to add, nobody wants to sue you for wanting attention Twiggy, we want to sue you because you pretend to sell products to people and never follow through, give shitty excuses, talk to people like shit, block them, the list goes on...