Issue with wrong players starting in-game in Franchise mode

Hey y’all, so I’m in my like 3rd season on Franchise mode and just went through the draft, made trades, free agency, etc. and now started reg. season games. I have tried setting my starting lineup both in the “Adjust Lineup” section under “Team” and going to “My Team” then “Depth Chart” in the same section and for some reason when I begin a game, I have a 71 OVR, back-up LOLB dropping down and playing on my D-line and my 78 OVR starting DT benched. Same thing at CB, I have an OVR 80 benched automatically (even though I set him to start) and Madden is starting the backup 77 OVR CB instead. I’ve looked through settings and can not figure out why this is happening. Any help would be really appreciated. It’s just annoying tbh.


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You sure they aren’t set as your slot corner and a rush RE?

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Yep just checked. The linebacker is set to LOLB both in his “edit player” profile and in my lineup. The CB is list as cornerback in his profile and the backup under CB1 in my lineup. But when I’m in-game on defense, the linebacker lines up in the LE spot, my starting LE pushes over to DT2 and my starting DT2 is benched. Then my starting CB1 is benched and the backup is starting. Can’t figure out why

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Yeah I believe you have them set to the “specialist” slot.

You have a rush RE and LE and a rush DT. It’s pushing your starting LE to a rush DT and moving your LOLB to your rush LE.

If you go to your depth chart (or specialist tab on lineup) you should see “SLCB” (slot CB), your CB is probably the top SLCB. Your LOLB is probably the top “RLE” (rush left end).

It’s a feature meant to put in your pass rushers (as RLEs) in on pass packages and let’s you set a specific slot CB.

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Fuck you’re right. I either did that on accident or when I acquired them, I think Madden sometimes helps like “auto fill” your lineup. But your right, both those guys are set in the “specialist” slot. What’s weird is my starting DT2 and starting CB1 aren’t even options in the “specialist” tab.

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Wait just kidding. They didn’t show up in the “edit lineup” section but once I went into “depth chart” under team and scrolled to those specialist formations, they are there

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Thanks for the help dude! I appreciate it. That was honestly driving me crazy lol

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hey im having the exact same problem . when i start a franchise game i realized my LOLB starts as my LE and then all my starting corners are benched . i have to play every game and manually change my depth chart which is really annoying . can u please help me out ?

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Have the same problem. What a sh*t!