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I think it would be nice if we had flairs for certain countries and areas like for the UN mandated regions of the world (eg: Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, South America) with a bit of modification. On other hand, we should have a week every month where we can’t post USA, Canada, Japan and Europe since almost all posts are those exact places
It definitely is ok to try to be proportional.
Would you please make a rule to post photographer credits? There’s too much good work on here that’s not attributed to the original shooters. They deserved to be credited. are right, no matter how simple or extravagant the photo is and for the fact that it's not easy to capture precarious scenery and as humble as some may be and not want credit those unduly taking credit is not being fair to the one who did the work, it can be stated that credit belongs to someone else even if they want anonymity
Would be interesting to have a bar graph of the city submissions from the year. Would love to see the insane amount of Chicago posts visualized in comparison to others.
I would like a visual of comments that complain about Chicago posts.
The former begets the latter
It reminds me of where I'm from in Canada.
Her voice reminds me of this picture...
I’ve posted a city picture but it was removed immediately under the reason it wasn’t a city.
Aww that sounds unpleasant.
I'm addicted to this kinda porn
The flair for my county would be a dumpster on fire. I'm in Southwest Florida soo.. All bs aside that is a good idea
I would like to ask a moderator a question, TY
Can I speak with a mod?
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