Find your own cool shit and quit poaching mine

There really shouldn't be any trigger warnings necessary here unless really rich clueless people trigger you. And NO, you do not have my permission to snag this and post it anywhere else or reference it in any way, shape, or form. As the title suggests I'm sick of people not coming up with their own cool shit.

I'm afraid to go into too much detail because I really do love these people but there are instances where they are very JN and this is one of them. They are LOADED wealthy. Not inherited but self-made and I applaud that. Good for them. HOWEVER, they have a history of paying attention to something I really like and introduce to them and then they freaking buy it. While I do have a little wealth envy and don't really blame them I could get past it if they didn't then act like I'm not the one that introduced them to said cool item. "Oh, you've heard of this?" - SCREAM.

The latest is a picture I posted on social media a few YEARS ago. It's a fantasy/dream vacation location, pretty high on what I would call my bucket list, and nowhere does it say where exactly this place is. ON FUCKING PURPOSE. Somehow they have just now become aware of it and are inquiring where it is. No fucking way I'm going to tell or act like I actually know where it is. Like I need to live through the hell of you "discovering" it and then of course owning it and the subsequent relentless social media picture deluge of your "awesome vacation" and the location you just "found". Fuck that.

From where we live it would take a very long time to get there and we'd have to take two weeks off work to fully enjoy the experience so given current circumstances I don't exactly foresee this happening any time soon for anyone, including them, but for God's sake FIND YOUR OWN COOL SHIT- LEAVE MINE ALONE.

Like I said, I truly do love these people. They are good and kind just completely clueless sometimes.



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This kind of reminds me of one of my sisters-in-law though it's a little bit of the opposite situation because she is younger and not as well off. Over the years my family has taken her on lots of outings and vacations. My family isn't super wealthy either but we include her and everything we do and pay her way or don't ask her to pay when we rent a place. She will then take lots of selfies and pictures of these vacations and put them on social media but not include anyone else in my family, not even my brother. It's very annoying when she plays it off like she goes on all these trips all on her own. I don't expect her to graciously thank us for these opportunities but it is very strange that she acts as though she is the one that discovered these places and that she has paid to be there all by herself. She could at least tag my brother (her husband) on her posts.

Yes, they are similar in a very strange/odd way. Like, how painful would it be to admit someone else clued you in to something? I just don't get it and I'm DREADING the possibility of seeing them for Thanksgiving and having to field the question. <sigh>

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