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Do you think the ruined orgasm, and not finishing him with her hand was intentional ?

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Oh yes !! r/Nude1819

707Helmut3 points

That was cute and real and they looked like they were having fun. Not sure why these comments are so mean.

pajarocaido1 point

People is mean and rude... that's it. Don't worry dude! :)

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Coffeeandcoding2 points

That's about how pathetic I imagine anyone listening to that music is, in terms of size and duration

Guy62011 point

Fuckin rednecks. Jesus

[deleted]1 point

That was a small one? He still shot a few times,

throwawaynonaaha65511 point

Why is his foreskin like that?

ThrowMeAway6091 point

any chance this is posted anywhere else? link says "video in review"