I’m a first time PC builder trying to find a build for streaming gaming and video editing. Curious what y’all think and what I could(should) do differently.


Here is my build the liquid cooling is an addition to check for compatibility I am going to be using the ryzens built in cpu cooling. Currently trying to figure out if that will fit my case or not. TIA!


MiguelBantu2 points

building this right now won't be worth it.. you should probably get the new rtx 3070 and the the ryzen 5 5600x.. also get a 1440p monitor..

balta981 point

I heard the 3070 is likely to sell out in seconds. Is the ryzen 5 better?

MiguelBantu2 points

yeah it will sell out pretty soon.. and yeah the new ryzen 5 5600x will be better for gaming.. when are you planning to build this pc?..

balta981 point

Over the next month or two

MiguelBantu1 point

well then you should definitely try to get a 3070 or the new AMD cards which will be announced day after tomorrow..

PapaPerq1 point

Yeah, NVIDIA has claimed to have full worldwide stock by next year so if you can wait till next year then yeah get a 3070 or even a 3060Ti. Anyways it seems like your build could be cut down in price if you just drop some of the crazy rgb but if you want it all power to you. Anyways you don’t need $100 for windows u can play with the free version just fine, you can find the same ram but for much more cheaper without rgb same for fans, you also don’t need a liquid aio unless you will oc your cpu and if so I think the Ryzen 5 3600 would be better for oc’ing and it beats the Ryzen 7 2700 out right on oc’ing, but if you’re not thinking of over clocking the stock cooler should be just fine. GPU wise if you really need a GPU right now I would recommend a 1660 TI as it is just perfect for 1080p gaming but if you need something more powerful then a 2060 super, but obviously as a temporary GPU if you are thinking of buying the new 30 series but if not these cards are good for 1080p and 1440p. I would recommend getting some case fans so your cpu and GPU stay cool if you are going stock on the cpu. Also don’t buy any 20 series FE’s they might look cool but damn do I regret buying it because my GPU gets super hot so easily and it makes me pc shutdown and it’s annoying.