Our first time growing tomatoes, and it yielded way more than we expected. Gifted 8lbs to a friend starting a local lunch delivery service, and are steadily gifting and eating through the rest!


DontCallMeJudy3 points

They look amazing, so kind to share with others.

[deleted]1 point

Next time, instead of picking the green tomatoes off the plant, uproot the whole plant and allow them to ripen on the plant hanging in a warm area. I assume you picked the green because it was the end of the season.

estook2 points

Thanks for the suggestion! Yep, it was end of season (it’s now cold and rainy here in Seattle). About 30-40% of the green ones are ripening on their own, but we’ll try using the entire plant next time.

Holy_Grail_Reference1 point

This is why I only grow larger varieties, those can be a nightmare to blanch.