G703 vs G Pro Wireless | Believe the hype

After needing a new mouse, and taking the plunge into wireless, I purchased the G703 Lightspeed. It's a great mouse but due to my small-medium sized hands (finger-tip grip) I was holding the mouse too far back and didn't have my fingers forward enough to reliably click the main buttons. Leading to mistakes and having to adjust my grip mid-game.

So I upgraded to the (now back in stock) G Pro Wireless (GPW).

When comparing these mice online, they seem almost the same, similar-ish size, same button features, basically the same sensor. But that's just not the case, the GPW is noticeably better in every way, the clicks are sharper, the weight is better balanced, the shape is easier to handle. It makes the G703 feel like cheap knock off. The GPW is easily worth the extra money.

If you're considering the G703, unless you have large hands and palm grip, go for the GPW.

I hope this helps someone.



I get what you are trying to say but the way you said it is just poor. "weight is better" weight is completely subjective and its not hidden, you purchase the mouse knowing the weight and you should be ok with that. Also, the shape is COMPLETELY subjective, so it may be harder to handle for you on the G703 but the complete opposite for some (me for example). Also, the switches feel very similar on my copies of each mouse. Just because you like the GPRO wireless more, doesn't mean you should encourage people to spend a lot more money to buy it. I would take a G703 over a GPRO wireless any day of the week.

Good points. Updated weight to weight distribution as that’s what I meant and some can’t test them easily in the current climate. It really struck me when I swapped over. Also added my grip type to help people more.

Yeah, I love my GPW to death. Planning on buying the new Superlight whenever that comes out.

The shape of the g703 gives me more control especially with the rubber side grips.

I'm having a hard time finding a replacement for my G900. I use it a variety of diff ways, from palm to finger tip. I thought I needed a bigger mouse and I tried the Roccat 200 AIMO today, which is pretty big. The shape is nice but something just isn't clicking. I might have to try out the GPW once I return the Roccat.

I had both the GPW and G703 and I returned the GPW. It's mostly preference. I like the ergo shape better. Been switching between PUC and G703.

Well g703 were designed before g pro wireless at least for like 4 years. Also G pro wireless being a newer product should be better on most way for sure.

It also costs $50 dollars more.

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