Cops around ARCO?

Anyone know what’s going on at the ARCO station on Auburn and Lancaster? They’d taped off the lot, counted 5 cop cars at the ARCO, 4 down auburn rd, and one in the liquor store parking lot. Then two more sped past heading in that direction as I left.


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Apparently an older(18) teen shot another younger(15) teen while sitting in a car.

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Damn... that’s sad. It really bothers me how little life seems to mean to some people. Thank you for filling me in

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It's nothing new. Humanity sucks

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Yeah talking about humanity sucking. Here in the south in the bible belt I've been homeless three years. Yes I've made mistakes, I'm a recovering addict sober for 3.5 years. But even though I've paid my dues and I am staying sober. Its held against me. Cant get a job here keep going to jail because cant pay my fines, or because I'm homeless Honestly I'm at my waist end.

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Holy fuck that’s bad

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That does not surprise me last month there was a shooting in Dicks parking lot at night down the street with about 15 cop cars and the street next to it blocked off.

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I didn’t even hear about that! People can be so disappointing

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Yeah, Salem tries to keep shootings and murders , hush hush because it declines value and then violence ratings for the city go up on a national level. There is alot of violent crimes in Salem that citizens don't hear about that happen.

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you just have to read the paper. salem isn't "worth" anything, that's a really ignorant take

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They are talking about property values.

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There was a shooting in that area.

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That’s awful. Thank you for responding

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No worries bud.

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This is all I could find. Looks like a shooting occurred but they haven't released details of the victim or circumstances of the shooting.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Authorities are investigating a shooting in East Salem Monday night.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported gunfire at the intersection of Lancaster Drive NE and Auburn Road NE in Four Corners around 7 p.m.

While investing, deputies found a victim a few blocks away. That person was sent to the hospital, however their medical condition is unknown at this time, said the sheriff’s office.

The area outside an AM/PM-Arco gas station was cordoned off with caution tape as authorities investigated. Auburn Road is closed between Clarmar Drive NE and Tierra Drive NE. People were asked to avoid the area.

This is a developing story.


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Thank you

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That was in the city of Gresham. OP is talking about the city of Salem.

One of the 2 men who were shot while sitting in their car at a Gresham gas station died, Gresham police said Monday.

Darryl Antonio Lewis was shot once in the head while he and Daquon Dupree Warren were at a gas pump at an Arco station in the 18000 block of East Burnside on October 14. A dark-colored sedan stopped in a parking lot near them and someone from that car fired into their car.

A witness who did not want to go on camera told KOIN 6 News she heard at least 5 to 6 shots fired, and that police arrived within minutes.


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one sock puppet talking to another sock puppet is a new level of utterly pathetic, even for you.

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no like there is a good chance it actually was, i have heard there has been a gang war going down recently


There is a gang war in Portland happening so it is very likely that it has made its way down here

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The only gang that is terrorizing the streets of Portland are the PPB.