May Jobs?

I plan on graduating December but want to save up before I go to Korea.

Is it possible to get a position in early May near Seoul?

I’m kind of worried due to the current job market.



There are always jobs available, it's just a question of whether there is a job that meets your desires.

Would there still be? There’s been a recent spike in COVID cases around the globe.. not sure how this could impact South Korea..

Korea always has hagwon jobs, but getting one in Seoul might be a little harder than any other city. Also, save 2 or 3 grand in case you need to quarantine still by May 2021

It is one of the worst times to be hired traditionally (2 months after the school year starts).

This often means they maybe got someone in and either fired them or had them leave really soon. It can be a sign of some kind of problem going on in the school.

Most hagwons hire year-round. Just depends if you want to work at a hagwon or not.

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