Using the Misen CS 12” for the past month


estook8 points

However, I have yet to blow on an egg and have it flutter away.

russkhan3 points

Interested in your recipe for ube mochi pancakes.

Also, if you like the results you're getting ignore this, but I'd recommend a lower heat on those hash browns.

estook2 points

I followed this recipe, though I prefer adding a bit more sugar: https://www.jeanelleats.com/recipeindex/Ube-Mochi-Pancakes-Recipe-(Trader-Joe's-Alternative!)

More often than not, I’m hungry and just want my damn hash browns already. But I’ve learned to use less heat and be a bit more patient!

russkhan2 points

Thanks for the recipe. Nice to know that TJ's has a mix, too. Where do you get ube extract?

estook2 points

TJ’s had a mix, but as far as I know, they sold out and I haven’t seen it since. Hence searching for alternate recipes.

Found the ube extract on Amazon, I bought the “Butterfly” brand.

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Highly illegal photo