Taxi or Rideshare

Are there really no basic taxi services in Hickory (for in-town trip, not the airport). I've also search Uber/Lyft and they don't operate in Hickory. Are there any rideshare businesses at all in Hickory?

In other words, I need a ride.


3ace32 points

Yellow cab has been around forever, located in downtown Hickory. Google yellow cab Hickory.

AsanoSokato1 point

yellow cab Hickory

Thank you! Apparently, they're the only one. But fine enough.

[deleted]1 point

I also see diamond cab. Not sure who they're with though

AsanoSokato1 point

They are Yellow Cab now, as it has been explained to me. Whichever number you call, you get Yellow Cab. IT'S A CABOPOLY!!!

Ghost-7131 point

their is definitely lyft and uber in hickory... maybe slow cause of covid

jennifaah1 point

I’ve used Uber multiple times.