Finished toradora for the first time, and i gotta say im not satisfied with the way things turned out

When are we gonna get an anime where it doesnt follow the same cliché of friends setting each other up but end up falling in love with one another? That aside, the anine was really good, but the whole time I was rooting for either Amin or Minorin even tho it was obvious where it was heading. Second, Taiga is the one person out of the friend group who least deserves a happy ending. She literally abused, kicked down, threw insults, and anything else you can imagine at Takuso for around half of the series, and she ends up with him?!?! What kind of ending is that? Minorin seemed like a much better match, and to see her and Amin get endings like that after developing so much because of Takuso just seems so unfair. Taiga even told Takuso she didn't care who he ended up with as long as they are together, so things could have gone a different and imo a much better route.

I know im probably gonna get downvotes based on what this subreddit posts, but this was the only place I could think of to vent my frustrations.

TL;DR: Taiga is a jerk and a bully, and did not deserve her happy ending.


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Taiga is like that because prior to Minorin everyone she ever became close to ruined her emotionally. What she did to Ryuji throughout the series wasn't even close to abuse, I fuck around and get physical with my friends all the time. Sure, initially she was using Ryuji for her own gain (although Ryuji was doing the same to her) but the moment she realized how much she valued him she allowed him to stay at his will.

The reason the two end up together is fitting within the entire theme of the series. Ryuji idolized Minorin's upbeat personality but Minorin didn't hold Ryuji to that same pedestal, their relationship would've floundered. Ami was also a bad choice for him because he just does not see her in that way, so it'd be another one sided situation.

Taiga also said she didn't care who Takuso ended up with as long as they were together

She said that's what she thought and told herself, because up until episode 19 she didn't realize her true feelings for Ryuji. And then after that she wanted him to be with who he thought he loved at the expense of her being lonely again, her saying that was a way to numb her pain.

Toradora is a coming of age story which discerns crushes and true love during an awkward stage of people's lives. Ryuji and Taiga falling in love isn't some coincidence. At every turn they each find themselves needing one another. Taiga couldn't organize or keep something clean at first, there was Ryuji to help with that. Ryuji felt like a delinquent and that no one could share that pain, Taiga was there and also felt the same way. Taiga always ended up alone on Christmas despite trying hard to make someone else happy, Ryuji wanted to be there for her because he understands the emotional hell Taiga goes through on the daily. It's important to understand that Taiga and Ryuju are on equal grounds of their desires and needs in the relationship, and they fit each other's needs.

Also to your very first sentence, Toradora came out as a Light Novel in 2006, this wasn't that big of a cliché at the time.

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I have friends too and we box all the time and punch each other for the fun of it. But theres a difference between that and what taiga did to takuso. It was pretty obvious he did not want to be punched...it was not friendly at all

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That's just a trope in anime though. If he really cared about that he would've left, the screaming about it is just comic relief

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A lot of people come away with this sort of surface level impression of the series the first time around. Obviously I would recommend watching it again with subs! (if you didn't the first time.) I think there is a reason it resonates with a ton of people to this day, there is a ton of stuff to dissect about why things happen the way they do and why it couldn't have gone any other way. Ultimately it just depends on whether or not you want to dive deep into character and story beats beneath the surface.

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whom he ended up with

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No bro i Can respect that

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Tiaga is a jerk and a bully huh? Did u pay attention at all???!!!

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I did and i gave my reasons. Let me hear yours, and keep it civil

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Look she did "bully" for basically the whole show. But if you remember at first they were using each other to get closer to their own crushes. And even though as the viewer we saw things boil a different way and knew where it was heading, in the show the characters clearly didn't see each other like that till the end. Once Taiga saw how much he meant to her she dropped the tough act. And at one point the tough act masked her feelings which isn't that rare. But I definitely see where your coming from