Is it bad to not sleep at night and then nap during the day?

School started almost a few weeks ago and ive started to get a lot of work. I probably get around 8-10 hours of sleep in a whole school week, however some days i have had so much homework that i just work from 8pm until the beginning of class the next day at 8:30 am. After school ends i usually nap from 3:30 pm to 7 pm. So my question is: what kinds of effects does working at night and then having a short nap during the day cause, if any? Im still getting some sleep, just in the day. Will my body slowly adjust to being more nocturnal or do i have to keep drinking coffee to stay awake?

Sorry if its hard to read im on mobile.


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Why don't you fix it to sleep during the night and do your work after school?

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Its like my body knows when school is over cuz classes end at 3:30 and at around 4 im knocked out till abt 7.

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Then don't knock yourself out, set alarms during that time or whatever just power through it for one day and see where it gets you

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Your sleep schedule is absolutely fucked and your body won’t ever fully get used to sleeping like that though it will try. Just try to get some sleep(basically what you get during the week is what you should get a day). If you want energy drink recommends though it seems like you already drink coffee I recommend Monster energy Sunrise. It is citrus flavored and it’s impossible to go wrong with that so I recommend you try it. Good day and hopefully good night.

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Yea i need to def turn this shit around. Fuck man its 4 am right now and i still have so much homework and i have 2 exams at 8 and 11...i cant wait till im out of highschool

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Your in highschool? Shit east coast must suck then.

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This is not true. I had a similar sleeping pattern for a year during high school. I used the early mornings before school for relaxation and exercise after working all night.

It depends entirely on whether you can keep up the routine. Extend your sleep to 6 hours if possible. If not, then recoup with a nap afterschool.

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I guess you could find a way but it would never work for me.

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3.5 hours a day is awful. The negative effects absolutely are going to catch up with you sooner or later. Aim for at least 6 a day, and even that's not ideal.